Making And Selling Hand-Tied Bouquets From Your Backyard Garden

Making And Selling Hand-Tied Bouquets
Making And Selling Hand-Tied Bouquets From Your Backyard Garden

Making And Selling Bouquets Could Be A Stepping Stone Into A Full-Fledged Flower Business!

If you have a knack for cultivating flowers and looking for ways to share your garden’s bounty, try making and selling hand-tied bouquets.

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Each week from mid-May through early October, you and your family can create up to four hundred wedding bouquets and funeral flowers.

Before you know it, you will have made more than forty thousand because according to Floret’s Farm A Year In Flowers: Designing Gorgeous Arrangements For Every Season, it takes less than one minute to assemble, bunch, and wrap the blossoms.

One display in the book highlights two of the author’s favorite butterscotch-colored dahlias, along with beautiful golden celosia.

Bright green Bells of Ireland, ‘Limelight’ hydrangeas, cress, and parsley seedpods offset the warm sherbet tones, and airy sprays of periwinkle delphinium add unexpected contrast.

Now, doesn’t that description tempt you into making and selling hand-tied bouquets for your local, rural or urban market?

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