How To Make Trash Into Treasure And Something From Nothing

Make Trash Into Treasure

How To Make Trash Into Treasure And Something From Nothing

Create An Awe-Inspiring Array Of Trash To Treasure Crafts To Earn Money From Home

Some people throw out trash and others make trash into treasure so you can see the results of recycling at nearly all church bazaars and local craft fairs.

For example, wind chimes made from the tops of coffee and vegetable cans, and Christmas angels made by adding colored felt (wings) and an old scouring pad (hair) to an empty Ivory Liquid dish washing detergent bottle.

The drive to turn refuse into useful or pretty objects of art gathered momentum around 1970, when the idea of recycling was new and exciting.

Suddenly, it was hip to see beauty and purpose in what the rest of the world regarded as junk.

People were already using old rags, pipes, and trash to make things for hanging on walls.

They also made useful things with building materials.

In the late 60’s, crafters made clever reuse of old automobile parts as geodesic dome housing.

Hippies wore cast-off army uniforms and ratty old clothes, creating fashion from flea market pickings and Salvation Army store bargains.

These fads jumped quickly to art galleries, counterculture and the average persons’s  home.

By the mid-seventies, many handy rural, small-town and suburbanite creative types eagerly adopted the idea of making something from nothing because it segued perfectly into the same pecuniary values that encouraged them to join their local “Dollar Tree” club back in the fifties.

And it also provided them something that rural Americans have always relished—new hobbies.

Crafts Is A Number One Bestseller For Stay At Home Moms

To help the inventive recyclers in their quest to make treasure from trash and have a good time at it,  crafts books were published about:

  • Something from nothing
  • Crafts from nothing
  • Junk shopping
  • Creating with cattails, cones and seed pods, etc.
  • Treasures from trash

All of these ideas were built upon the same basic principle.

Nothing is so ugly or odd that it cannot be transformed into a unique new thing.

The kind of arts and crafts projects once reserved for schoolchildren and patients in mental hospitals are now approved handiwork for happy homemakers, looking to show their decorative cleverness.

With a touch of paint, a few pipe cleaners, and a snippet of nylon netting, any commonplace Spam can, jelly glass, or pair of pantyhose can become the makings of a house plant tree, etc.

Americans throw away and recycle many odds and ends, which we consider junk that can be made into funny figures and useful household items.

By not being so quick to discard objects, such as a teapot, should be meditated upon until it suggests novel ideas.

I hope this article encourage readers to use some of their household garbage as fun and useful things.

Pinterest offers thousands of fascinating images to turn everyday items into something from nothing.

For example, turn a cereal box into a traveling lingerie hamper, an oven roaster into a candle sconce, an egg poacher into a portrait frame.

Prego or pickle jar lids become coasters before your very eyes, various bones wind up as necklaces, salad dressing bottles masquerade as candle holders, and egg shells appear as glittering knights.

These ideas may sound hokey, but crafting is a thriving market in many rural and suburban communities.

With your knack for creating things, you can create an awe-inspiring array of trash into treasure even made from the bones of dead farm animals!