How To Make Quick Cash With Junk Whenever You Need It

Make Quick Cash With Junk
How To Make Quick Cash With Junk Whenever You Need It

Go Out And Pick Up The Cash You Need With Trash!

Almost everywhere you turn in this country, there are tons of discarded items that you can “collect” to make quick cash with junk.

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In my article, Selling Junk In The New Economy Could Make You Rich, you can use this method to contact a manufacturing plant to haul-off trash for $25.

Do you know your $25 job could produce over $5000 in scrap steel, aluminum and copper.

So, look around your area and see if there are any manufacturing plants that need their property cleaned up.

In this changing economy, keep your eyes open for people who are moving or downsizing due to bankruptcy or foreclosure.

You can start dropping by communities or apartment buildings and leave flyers that offer to help them with their packing for a few bucks.

Almost every time, they will leave items they can’t use and give them to you for helping them so cheaply.

You collect the items and sell them to other people who are moving-in somewhere else.

Just look around your local area for people who are moving!

Help them pack and collect anything they are leaving behind.

Just a few days ago, I saw an ad on Next Door about this same opportunity!

Another thing you can collect is aluminum beer cans from clubs and bars each night after they close.

Your car will smell like a brewery so don’t get stopped by the police.

You can make an extra $100 to $150 per week in quick cash selling those aluminum beer cans to a scrap dealer.

How about the beer bars in your area?

You get the cans and they get their garbage hauled for free.

In most cities of any size, the garbage collectors refuse to pick-up furniture items or items to large for them to handle.

Once or twice a year, some cities collect bulky items for free or allow you to take it to the local waste management center.

There are literally millions of tons of discarded and cast-off items in this country just waiting for you pick it up and turn it into quick cash.

If you doubt it, just take a look at the stuff in your own closets and storage areas, and multiply that by the millions of homes in this country.

Either you take advantage of your new found knowledge, and use it to generate some quick cash with no investment, or the junk will be left where it is until somebody else takes advantage of it.

Why am I writing so much about cleaning out and selling junk?

In the 1990s, while I was a banking professional, I started a similar business called Junk Lady Salvage.

I had a lot of fun getting calls to pick up items that I sold at flea markets and online for 100% profit!

So, there are people in every area who collect and sell junk.

They call it junking.

Most of them go around digging through garbage cans hoping to find something of real value.

That make a pretty good living.

But, they are very, very secretive about where and how they do their collecting.

As you start selling junk, you will get to know many of these junkers.

When I was doing Junk Lady Salvage, every one was absolutely amazed at the quality of the junk I sold.

You may think that this is common knowledge, but it is still best-kept secret information.

The information that I’m sharing with you will help you get quality junk.

Now, you can make quick cash anytime you need it.

Usually, it will take you five to ten houses using your clean out service to produce $500-$1000 worth of saleable junk.

Fifteen houses should produce $3000 or more.

And reading my article, How To Make A Lot Of Money With A 10 Dollar Investment, you’ll have $20 from each job to pay your flyer printing expenses.

By doing two to three houses each week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, you could easily have a pocket full of money every Monday morning.

I strongly recommend that you broadcast your flyers to a very limited area initially.

Don’t broadcast them everywhere and anywhere.

Do the clean out jobs as you get them

Then broadcast some more flyers.

This way, you can finish the jobs you get.

Sell the junk and go about your other business using the money you made.

Then, if you need to, you can broadcast some more flyers to pick-up any additional cash you may need.

If you broadcast your flyers, you will be getting calls for clean outs after you’ve already made the money you need.

It’s important to note that if you refuse a job, that’s one customer you won’t get the next time.

Besides, another junker may get on to your plan and ruin it for you.

Now all you have to do is print flyers, get out there and make quick cash with junk.

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