4 Strategic Systems To Make More Rural Money And Profit

Make More Rural Money
4 Strategic Systems To Make More Rural Money And Profit

Do These Key Strategies And Start Raking In The Profits!

Do you know that there are four systems to make more rural money with strategies flying under the radar that you may not be aware of?

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Here is a breakdown of how you could go about making more money in rural areas while your haters are still searching for a clue.

4 Strategic Systems To Make More Rural Money

1. Google Local Listing

Choose 5 potential clients.

Create a cold email for each of them.

Don’t charge the client upfront in the initial email.

First, show the client examples of your work by adding links.

After you finish setting up your client’s Google Local Listing, Google will start sending them traffic, if they have a website.

If the client doesn’t have a website, charge them for creating one plus $50-$500/month for maintenance.

After you get your first client and show them that you can achieve results, they will be thoroughly impressed because these are the results that they have been hoping to get themselves.

You can then pitch them on potential future projects and ask for a large fee upfront.

You may not get five clients at first, but when you do, you can provide this service for all of them.

Also, you can choose to rent websites to clients that you create for their niche, and charge them $500 – $700 per month for these first SERP listings.

Or, you may feel more comfortable charging only $50 a month starting out.

But, that’s really kind of ridiculous because you can make more money.

So, you might charge a small amount initially, but I recommended that you move up to charging a lot more soon.

Local businesses will gladly pay it if they are getting the results that they want.

2. Kindle, Amazon Affiliate Products

Choose a Kindle eBook (how-to niche titles work best) or an Amazon physical product or your own that you’d like to sell more of.

Or, choose affiliate products or programs that pay $100+ per sale.

You can easily find a list of high paying affiliate products and programs on ClickBank and JVZOO.

Target keywords with “buyer intent.

Make profits immediately.

Do this repeatedly so that you keep profiting from traffic that comes years after you’ve done the work building up your passive income.

That’s how Deadbeat Affiliate does it; and this strategy is a fantastic way to generate traffic to any kind of Amazon product.

In fact, I am able to get page one rankings on Google SERP to all three of my books listed on RuralMoney.

My books are Amazon physical products!

All you have to do is pick a product and write a short informative article about the book or product.

Then, blast it out using social media networks.

It’s that simple.

Soon, you will be able to rank for multiple “buyer” keywords related to your Amazon book or product.

And, actually be able to get the Amazon product page itself ranking on page one of Google SERP as well!

This is how you dominate the search engines, drive massive external traffic to any of your Amazon products, and increase your royalties and sales almost overnight!

This simple strategy is the way to make more money for the effort you put in.

Trust me, I have been doing this successfully for years!

Of course, you could use this strategy to promote your own products or websites that you already have in place as well.

Again, you’ll be targeting keywords with buyer intent.

The trick to this is simply to put you in the shoes of the person typing in that keyword, and thinking about what they might be doing.

The third step is simply to publish and start raking in profits.

Finally, you just rinse and repeat.

The first time you do this, if you follow my simple steps effectively, you’ll get a return on investment on what you’ve done.

You’re going to make a profit, and the more you do this, the more that profit builds up.

Get started making more money with free websites!

3. Launch Jacking Product Keywords

Launch Jacking (afflink) is new to me and quite frankly, I’m interested in it, so I decided to add it as a strategy to make money in rural areas.

Go to ClickBank and JVZOO to find a product you’d like to promote.

To quickly rank the product, write a review.

Link to your product review website or a landing page and enjoy the commissions!

4. Seeding Viral Traffic Campaigns

Place viral content on a free, minimalist-landing page with nothing but the content and social share buttons.

Submit the website promoting the content and let the search engines drive a bunch of initial ‘seed’ traffic to the site.

Watch your rankings, traffic and social following increase.

And, if you happen to place an affiliate link on your landing page too, enjoy your commissions, and all four make more money strategies!

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