Make Money With Old Sheets Towels In Rural Areas

Make Money With Old Sheets And Towels
Make Money With Old Sheets And Towels In Rural Areas

Unique Ways To Convert Old Rags Into New Cash!

There are many unique and recyclable ways to make money with old sheets and towels that could help fill the gap in your homestead budget.

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Most of us have an abundance of old linens already so dust off the old sewing machine and turn those “rags” into cash.

If you don’t have any materials to make money with old sheets and towels, go to garage sales where you can pick them up for the change in your pocket.

Oftentimes, you can find brand new sheet sets.

And, it doesn’t matter whether they’re torn, stained, mismatch, old, worn out, etc.

As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure when you discover how to make money with old sheets and towels.

This is not a new idea, but there aren’t many people doing it!

I guarantee you that these will sell because more people are looking for “handmade”.

While you’re shopping for materials, be sure to pick the best fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, linen sheets, chenille, satin, etc.

And, don’t forget decorative trim, tassels, rope, ribbons, etc.

Even faux fur things can be converted into throw pillows and patchwork quilt throws.

Don’t stop there.

I shop Goodwill for remnant rolls of commercial designer fabrics for pennies on the dollar.

When you see it, buy it!

Then, sew simple kitchen window treatments with chair seat cushions, table napkins, office table covers (for makeshift utility table desk), custom lampshades, etc.

What Are Some Recycling Options To Make Money With Old Sheets And Towels?

Let’s see how you can make money with old sheets and towels in rural areas.

Handkerchief Valances

A valance from vintage hankies.

This would be perfect if you have lots of vintage hankies of similar sizes.

Or, make your own hankies for a vintage kitchen curtain look.

Designer Fabric Patchwork Curtains

Piece these together and you’ll have “homemade” customers looking for more.

These would be adorable in farmhouse, country cottage and shabby chic décor.

Pillowcase Aprons

Vintage pillowcases make cute aprons.

And, yes, people still use aprons.

If the pillowcase is large enough, you can make cleaning tops with pockets snaps or buttons.

These are useful for covering your regular clothes to keep them clean while you do arts and crafts.

Covered Buttons

You don’t even need sewing skills for this idea.

Just cut tiny squares of vintage fabric and make buttons!

These could also accent some of your throw pillows.

Textile Wall Art

If you’re a true artist, cut and make designs to create a window frame size wall art piece with different and unique textiles and colors.

Linen Sachets

Use leftover scraps of vintage sheets… to make sachets filled with lavender, roses and other fragrant dried flowers to keep new linens fresh and sweet smelling in the linen closet or packed away in cedar chests.

Table Runners And Table Cloths

These are “sew” easy to make, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner to make money with old sheets and towels.

Dish Towels

Google dish towels and you will see that they are in high demand because people love them.

I love them, too, which is why I buy and use them new or old.

If you’re the super frugal type, wasting money on paper towels is verboten.

Old sheets and towels can contribute greatly to your creativity because of various patterns, textures, colors, etc.

Cocktail And Dinner Napkins

With this idea, you can buy used table napkins and make double-sided napkins for a cute contrast.

And, you can make cocktail and dinner napkins that are reversible.

Textile table napkins are very much still in vogue for indoor and outdoor table settings.

Handkerchief And Table Napkin Quilts

These two vintage linen pieces could be the start of a new money maker.

There’s no cutting and sizing.

Just design and piece a beautiful, unique quilt together like no other you’ve ever seen.

Quilts are bestsellers online and offline.

Baby Bedding And Nursing Blankets

Babies are a HUGE and EXPENSIVE MARKET as you know.

Mothers love to buy cute baby items and save money when possible.

You don’t need a tutorial or pattern to make baby bed sheets, pillowcases, nursing blankets, etc.

Just think of things baby and mom need and get sewing.

Mason Jar Pin Cushions And Canning Jar Covers

Turn a Mason Jar into a pin cushion for your new make money with old sheets and towels venture.

The beauty of this idea is no sewing!

Use pinking shears for a classic cut edge.

Textile Coasters

Since we’re thinking outside the box for creative ideas to make money with old sheets and towels, why not textile coasters?

These are easy to sew and washable.

Make a matching set with picnic blanket and napkins, etc.

Re-Made, Duffle Bag And Laundry Bag Pillowcases

Use old pillowcases to make new pillowcases with drawstrings, snaps, zippers, Velcro closures…

Do you realize that guests steal pillow cases to pack?!

Well, it’s true.

Make “duffle bag” pillowcases for these thrifty travelers to “stuff” belongings, laundry, etc. on the go.

Ironing Board Cover Pillowcases

Use old sheets and blankets to make new ironing board pads, covers, and dust covers.

Thick blankets make ideal ironing board pads.

Use the existing ironing board pad as a template because it already fits the board.

Make the cover with an old sheet and add a drawstring.

Then make an extra long dust cover to cover the board as it hang on the back of the laundry room door.

Pet Bed And Bath Blankets And Kits

Pets are high on the resale market with used baby items.

Turn old blankets, bath towels, hand towels, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, bathroom rugs and t-shirts into pet bed and bath supplies.

Your goods can be used for lining pet cages, cleaning up messes, drying off wet pets, warm bedding…

Bundle and sell them as a pet bed and bath kit!

Pet Knot Toys, Rag Dolls And Rags

Old towels make great chew toys, rag dolls and play rags for puppies and older dogs.

And, they’re cheaper than expensive chew bones.

To make a knot toy, cut the towel into strips lengthwise about five inches wide and tie knots along the length of the towel close together.

Sheet Curtains

For sheets that are still in good condition, make them into curtains.

A printed cotton top sheet is an easy and cute way to make simple bedroom and bathroom window curtains, shower curtain and valances.

Travel Rags And Beach Blankets

Make beach blankets, car seat covers and drawstring carry bag with old sheets and towels.

Pinked Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Stores sell boxes and bundles of cleaning rags!

Make and sell your own cleaning cloths and rags with pinking shears.

Just, cut, bundle and sell!

There you have it handcrafters, 20 ways to make money with old sheets and towels in rural areas.

What can you make with your old linens and textiles?

Start now.

You have ideas to create!

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