How To Make Money Raising Pygmy Goats For The Other Red Meat

Make Money Raising Pygmy Goats
How To Make Money Raising Pygmy Goats

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Raising pygmy goats for profit gives you a chance to make money for your homestead, and provide another meat source for your table.

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Recently, I started working with pygmy goats to learn how to develop a business that helps pay for raising them.

The owner of the pygmy goats where I work think they are inedible and for pets only.

To the contrary, according to my research, these goats provide excellent, marbled meat.

They also provide multiple opportunities for making money, whether you raise a couple or a herd (depending on your zoning laws).

What Does It Take To Start Raising Pygmy Goats?

Pygmy goats require shelter from the elements, nourishing feed and plenty of fresh water, and fencing high enough to keep them from getting out.

Fencing must be sturdy and secure to keep your “money/meat goats” at home.

I plan to get started with two pygmy goats and using an Electric Goat Net Fence.

On the farm where I work, the pygmy goats are fed a grain mixture and hay with plenty of fresh water.

If you plan to raise goats for meat, you need to keep a constant eye on any problems they develop with worms by contacting a local goat herder.

Check with your county or city about zoning laws since goats are considered livestock.

Where To Buy Pygmy Goats?

Buy pygmy goats from reputable herders so that they are healthy when you bring them home.

It is best to buy goats that are used to staying in a pasture all of the time.

Also, goats need companions, so buy at least two (one male/one female) from the same place so they’re familiar with each other.

Goat Meat Is Definitely In Demand

Several options exist for making money from your pygmy goats such as:

  • Breed and raise the goats to sell to other people.
  • Milk the goats for the small amounts of creamy milk they produce and sell the milk to locals who need the milk to produce goat cheese, or to those who prefer goat’s milk.
  • Sell goats for their meat.
  • Sell them as pets.
  • Shear and sell pygmy-goat hair to people who use the mohair for yarn.

Promote Your Pygmies To A Hungry Market

People who love goat meat will seek you out if you advertise online such as Craigslist.

And, for those who have never eaten goat meat, but want to try it as another red meat, explain that goat meat is leaner yet marbled, which makes the meat tender.

Also, it is a healthier choice than beef and pork.

If you choose to breed the goats to sell to other people, the investment required to raise pygmies is relatively small compared to other livestock.

Before you sell goat’s milk, check with your county health department first.

Most local goat herders don’t advertise that they sell any type of goats, but you have an opportunity to interest people in buying your goats, or the products you sell with a unique designed affiliate website all about goats or a Craigslist ad.

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