Top Secret To Make Money Online In Rural Areas

Make Money In Rural Areas
Top Secret To Make Money Online In Rural Areas

Choose The Right Way To Make Money Online In Rural Areas!

One of the biggest problems you can solve is show people the top secret to make money online in rural areas with a website about your niche.

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That is why books, videos, seminars, etc. associated with making money have a higher cyber value than most other  products.

Although I have articles and videos about gardening and cooking, etc. to solve people’s problems, they don’t command the same attention as “how to make money online in rural areas.”

The fact is the end result of making money is more valuable to the reader.

Here are examples of the wrong and right way to go about this.

A friend of mine has her own website and sell her own product.

She has a great product.

Her experience is in the beauty industry, so she created an eBook on 101 beauty secrets, including inside secrets on looking younger, etc.

It includes everything else you would want to know about beauty, and has over 150 pages.

She created a beautiful website that has everything you could ask for.

However, the website has not made its first dollar, but why?

She did everything right including what the online marketers told her to do in their “get rich on the Internet” courses.

So, why is her website failing?

Because she decided what she wants to “sell” to the public and they are not interested.

In other words, she is not solving a problem that people are seeking a solution for.

Here is another example of the right way to do this.

I know of a highly successful businesswoman making a fortune on the Internet offering information, videos and leads.

She has a very successful website called

And, here is the interesting thing.

Every lead is different, and yet, she knows absolutely nothing about any of the products these businesses “sell.”

Nevertheless, her success comes from applying the principles you are learning here.

Every website solves a problem that people are seeking an answer to.

Top Secret To Make Money Online In Rural Areas

Before deciding on how she wanted to monetize and create a website, she found out what people were searching for.

In other words, what problems were they trying to solve?

If you think about it, the main reason people use search engines is because they are looking for a solution to a problem.

All she did was find out what problems people wanted to solve.

Do you see the difference of how to make money online in rural areas?

One person decided on what she thinks people want or are interested in; but the other found out exactly what people wanted.

In particular, what problem they want solved.

Then, if there is only a little or no information available on how to solve that problem she creates a solution.

Cash flows to you not because you have a great product, not because someone tells you that this is a “ground floor opportunity,” not because you say the industry is booming, and not because you are excited, or in love with your product or service.

But, because it solves a real problem that is causing people pain that they want relieved, or pleasure that they want to gain.

When you come to them from the position of having a solution to an existing problem that they would like to resolve, they would complete your lead forms so they can experience whatever relief it is going to bring to them.

Is it going to bring them pleasure—take them closer to where they want to be?

Or, move them away from pain—farther away from where they don’t want to be?

These are the only two reasons anyone buys anything online.

This post isn’t about sales or marketing.

I am just explaining the reality of how to make money online in rural areas.

Rural money flows to those who are able to solve people’s pressing problems.

There are lots of other ways to go about how to make money online, but this is the best way for the average person with little or no skills.

It is also the only one that is guaranteed to succeed.

Finally, it’s worth repeating again that people who solve people problems make money in rural areas.

You see if you are broke or not making enough money, then there are only two reasons:

  1. You are not solving enough problems for people.
  2. The problems you are solving are too small.

Therefore, don’t just think about making more money—decide ways to solve more and bigger problems for others, and all you need are business cards to pass out or leave on cars.

And, then the money automatically comes.

If you do this, guess what—your pockets will start bulging with money.

They are going to burst at the seams and online prosperity will be yours.

People who solve problems in rural areas are prosperous!

They can’t stop it from coming.

They couldn’t stop it if they wanted to because their website was built around the problem-solving model.

As a result, the money just continues to come your way.

Remember, learning how to make money in rural areas mean solving problems for other people.

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