10 Steps To Make Money On YouTube While You Sleep

Make Money On YouTube
10 Steps To Make Money On YouTube While You Sleep

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Move over big screen TV, there’s a new small screen in town, and viewers can make money on YouTube while they’re not watching it.

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And, everybody and their grandmother including kids are getting in on this economic boom.

Be A Star And Make Money On YouTube

Thanks to YouTube, you can take center stage and present your views of a lifetime to a worldwide audience.

For the first time, you have the same access once preserved for major TV networks.

By now, you’ve heard stories about people earning money on YouTube and have visions of making thousands of dollars, if you have thousands of subscribers.

Who doesn’t want to earn cash and market your passion for free?

By the time you finish reading this, you will know what to do to start increasing your personal brand and making money on YouTube.

It’s just a matter of having fun and making it work for you!

Step 1: Create A YouTube Account Channel

Your channel is your personal brand (or at least one side of your personality) on YouTube.

Each account has one channel, which shares the same name.

Add the main keyword that’s relevant to your content and to help people find your channel.

Step 2: Add Your Own Content, Images And Music

Try to upload content that is high quality and isn’t long; so break up long videos in separate parts.

Try to upload regularly and improve each video as you go, but they don’t need to look perfect or scripted.

By uploading regularly, viewers are more likely to subscribe if you add content on a regular basis.

Get the camera and equipment you want, but some of the best videos are filmed with a smartphone.

Write a description about the content and tag your videos with keywords that describe it.

This is the magic that brings new viewers to your video from YouTube searches.

And, don’t forget to send out new videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Step 3: Audience Views Are King

YouTube views are probably more important than subscribers, but building your audience is also key to making money.

You need people to watch your videos, but not necessarily subscribers only.

When subscribers watch and click your Google Adsense ads, you make a portion of the ad revenue.

Interact with viewer’s comments and make videos to address their questions.

Step 4: Monetize Your Videos With Google Adsense

There is only one way to make money on YouTube and that’s by becoming a Google Adsense partner.

Whoa cowboy—before YouTube can place ads in your video, you must acknowledge it contains no copyrighted content.

If it does, your video will be demonetized and flagged for review.

Step 5: When Views Roll In, You Start Making Money

YouTube has uped the ante and will no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views.

New creators may also run into a review process when applying to be in the YouTube Partner Program.

Their bottom line is to protect the brands that pay for advertising.

Step 6:  Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Apply for a Google Adsense account and wait for approval.

If you are under 18, you will need parental assistance.

Then, you need a PayPal or bank account and a valid mailing address.

Other information may be needed to verify your identity.

When a viewer watch the entire ad or click it, you earn a small portion of the ad revenue.

The money adds up over time, which is why viewers are key!

Don’t forget to “Enable” monetization in the Channel features.

Step 7: Set Up Google Analytics

It is important to set up a Google Analytics account and connect it to your Google Adsense account.

When there is activity on your YouTube channel, you can track what’s being viewed and how much money you’ve made, etc.

This will help you discover which videos your audience like best, and change your marketing accordingly.

Step: 8: It’s Only Fair To Share

“Be everywhere.” —Pat Flynn

This means market your videos on other platforms.

Create a website and post them on other social media networks.

Remember, it’s all about getting more views, which equals more money!

By sharing your new video link and embedding it in your website, you increase the chance of higher viewership.

9: Congratulations—You Are A YouTube Partner

In order to become a YouTube Partner through monetization by displaying ads on your video, you must click the “Enable” button.

The more viewers you have will give you access to more content creation tools.

In addition, partners have access to more YouTube community support and tips.

Rural Money Tip: To gain access to the most powerful Partner programs, your channels need 15K watch hours in the last 90 days.

10: Increase Your YouTube Revenue

The more interesting video content you create, the faster you will build a regular audience.

YouTube loves creativity, so mix it up and give your viewers variety, which is the spice of life.

This is a great way to keep them coming back for more, while you make more money on YouTube at the same time.