Make Money From Your Rural Home With Airbnb

Make Money From Your Rural Home With Airbnb

Make Money From Your Rural Home With Airbnb

Your Rural Home Could Be A Really Unique Place To Stay, Instead Of An Urban Metropolis

Becoming an Airbnb host is a great way to make money from your rural home with Airbnb; and it doesn’t involve a financial outlay.

You just need to make the space you are hoping to rent presentable.

In America, there are only 660,000 Airbnb listings spread across the entire country.

And, the majority of these are in cities.

Needless to say, your rural home could be a really unique place to stay, instead of an urban metropolis.

How Much Can You Earn? 

If you are renting a private room, then generally prices start at $20 per night, but can be higher dependent on the size of the room, bathroom facilities etc.

If you are renting out an annex or larger space with several beds and living space, then it is not unreasonable to be charging over $100 per night.

This can be a valuable income to help pay your mortgage, or go towards something special.

Your Rooms, Your Choice

As an Airbnb host, it means that you have a choice as to when and if you book your room.

Perhaps you only want to rent a room at the weekend, when you are home from work.

Or, perhaps you would rather rent your room to single travelers.

It is your choice, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on your private space.

It is also worth considering renting your entire home if you, yourself are going on a vacation.

That way you can earn money, whilst you relax.

Check In Times

Check in and check out times are also up to you.

For instance, you can tell guests that you don’t want them to arrive until after 1700h, if that’s what time you get back from work.

It is up to you exactly how much interaction you have with your guests too.

If you are renting out an annex to your property, then you may prefer simply to leave guests a code to collect a key from a box safe on arrival, and return the key there upon leaving.

You certainly don’t have to provide them with a fully guided tour and a cooked meal.

Although, this could be an additional service you could earn money from, and is especially attractive if you’re cooking with local, rural produce.

By renting out a room, an annex, or even your entire rural home, you can make extra money.

You can choose your rental terms and provide tourists with a wonderful, unique place to take a vacation.