2 Ultimate And Quick Ways To Make Money For Christmas

Make Money For Christmas
Ultimate And Quick Ways To Make Money For Christmas

Cash In On Christmas Now!

Most people want some realistic ways to make money for Christmas and you have only to look to your home holiday decorations and blog.

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No matter what your culture is or where you live, thousands of people celebrate and make money for Christmas.

You would be amazed at how many people love Christmas 🤶 and that’s your target market.

Yet, the Christmas fanatics start decorating four months ahead of time!

Why do they start so early?

They start early to take inventory of their decorations… and what they need.

And, these early Santa’s’ want to get the first and best pick of new holiday décor, and retailers know it!

It is not unusual for them to have 3-7 completely decorated Christmas trees in their home!

Why do you think Christmas decorations… are on display after Halloween?

If retailers could get away with rolling out the trees, lights, and tinsel any sooner, they would.

Should you decide to do this online business, then now is the time to get started to target the same customers retailers want.

And, here are some affiliate marketing ‘how-to ideas’ for your blog using Christmas decorations to share with your Christmas tribe:

  • Trim trees
  • Decorate home, hearth, out doors
  • Design with lights
  • Wrap elegant and whimsical gifts
  • Make homemade nutcracker ornaments/statutes
  • Create Colonial fruit, nut and spice door wreaths/table centerpieces
  • Gather woodland boughs, pine cones, leaves, berries (free)
  • Tie bows
  • Make throw pillows look like gifts
  • String things
  • Design farmhouse decor

These are products and services you can make and sell on Etsy, etc.

Cash In On Christmas

Before you can cash in, you need an affiliate niche site/blog to promote your Christmas business.

A website puts your business where the most people are shopping.

In fact, more people are shopping online than ever before and Amazon is the proof.

That’s good news for you because Amazon does a billion dollars worth of business during Christmas alone.

Moreover, more Americans should tap into affiliate marketing to make more money for Christmas.

Other affiliate marketers around the world are already giddy at the prospects of Americans buying everything before Dec. 25th, from soup to nuts.

They know that even dogs, cats and cars get decked out in the United States!

I just want to point you in the direction of the BIGGEST financial holiday of the year.

As a result, many retailers and affiliate marketers’ fortunes are made by this ‘Joy to the World’ event!

Nevertheless, though your make money for Christmas Etsy store (you can have more than one) may start small and humble, it can look like a glossy magazine with sparkling items.

If you start building your Etsy store now, you’ll be off to a good start by Christmas.

A Christmas store on Etsy and Shopify can be promoted easily on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Not only can you promote your store and blog posts directly to your fan page from your blog, you can also create a Christmas page, give it a catchy name—and it’s free.

But don’t stop there; tell all of your friends, family and co-workers about it too.

Who knows where viral traffic will come from through a simple word of mouth?

Start thinking about your store and blog title and targeted keywords, because that’s what drives traffic.

How To Monetize Your Christmas Cash Blog?

In addition to inspiring other ‘Christmas fanatics’ about festive trimmings, unusual gifts, and food…, promote related products.

Some of the Amazon products that you can promote on your make money for Christmas blog and Etsy store are:

  • Toys
  • Gifts
  • Decorations
  • Cards
  • Music
  • Cake/cookie mix
  • Stockings/socks
  • Copper lights
  • Self-stirring mugs/water bottles
  • Amaryllis bulbs

As you know, Christmas is a lucrative market, which is how Amazon became an online beast.

Yet, no one can compete against it—Walmart and other retail giants try, but they’re left wanting.

Don’t they know that if you can’t beat them, join them, which is the purpose of a make money with Christmas store and/or blog.

The secret to why niche affiliate sites are popular and successful is because they are basically ‘Amazon sites’.

Google Adsense is still king in advertising, but I sometimes wonder why they stopped their affiliate program.

It just made more room for Amazon affiliates.

A lot of people are turned off by the mention of ‘affiliate.’

However, many online/offline businesses would not be able to scale without it.

Affiliate marketers are like ants because they’re always scouting around for a good deal.

When they find one, they sample it and mark the trail (add back links) on the way back to get the workers (traffic).

For many Internet marketers and offline retailers, that scenario is how new sales are generated.

For example, I would not have sold as many estate sale’ books as I did, had it not been for my faithful ClickBank affiliates.

The point is, there is a built-in monetization component in ready-made affiliate niche sites.

Blog To Make Big Christmas Cash

There are so many things you can write about Christmas to share tips, songs, shopping, decorations, gifts, and food…

A Christmas cash blog is for ‘encouraging’ people to shop more, eat more, decorate more … and be merry while doing it.

Therefore, there is no room on this cheerful site for the ‘Christmas Scrooge’!

On the other hand, you can still present helpful blog posts bout how to help people with certain diseases enjoy Christmas…

You blog is about the season for joy and happiness—and everyone wants to feel happy.

Recommended Categories, Affiliate Items And Products To Sell:

  • *Christmas Toys
  • Gifts
  • Decorations
  • Music
  • Tips
  • Shopping
  • Your Etsy Shop

*The keyword ‘Christmas’ must come before all category names.

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Now, there you have several ideas for blog categories, affiliate items, items to sell, and blog posts to get you started.

All that remains now is to implement the three most important components:

  1. Professional template
  2. Reliable host
  3. Traffiic

As a blogger, I can assure you that trial and error with these three components is not the way to success.

It took me over a year to find all three affordably in Site Build It For WordPress.

This is a business-building platform.

In short, with their full IT service, you can change templates to update the design… and feel confident that your hard work is in good hands.

However, you can choose *Bluehost instead for hosting your new WordPress site, which I also highly recommend.

*While most web hosts price their shared web hosting packages more than $5/mo, Bluehost offers its feature-rich WordPress hosting packages at a price starting from only $2.95/month for visitors going through the exclusive promotional link above.

A make money for Christmas Etsy store and/or affiliate niche blog can be very lucrative.

This video music by Frank Sinatra reminds us of why people love Christmas the best!

Christmas 🎅 We Love You The Best!