5 Ways To Make Money During Quarantine From Home

Make Money During Quarantine
5 Ways To Make Money During Quarantine From Home

Stay Productive In Quarantine To Make Money From Home!

The number of people who make money during quarantine from home by selling goods and services online increases by the day.

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And with the COVID-19 pandemic damaging in-store commerce for many retailers, even more entrepreneurs are stepping out and finding solutions to their offline challenges.

In fact, the U.S. digital goods’ market size is expected to reach 300 million internet shoppers by 2023.

That’s about 90% of America’s entire population!

Are you already selling digital products on your site or a third-party service?

Or are you just interested in getting started?

Whatever the answer is, find out how to join the movement below, and earn extra cash without leaving your couch.

Why Selling Digital Products Is Such A Great Idea?

There’s a whole bunch of advantages you get when selling digital products that aren’t available to those who sell physical goods.

First of all, you don’t have to deal with shipping issues, taxes, complex laws, importing, and so on.

Digital products are much easier to distribute, significantly more sustainable, can be replaced or recreated at any time.

With just a little time and effort, anyone is capable of making a digital product worthy of sharing or selling.

Another critical question is: what kinds of digital products have a higher ‘selling potential’?

Got Anything To Share? Turn It Into A Digital Product?

You are probably wondering what types of digital products you can choose to sell.

And the answer is: pretty much everything.

Do not hesitate to share your knowledge, talents or opinions.

Each of them could likely become a steady source of income.

We’ve decided to pass on all the dubious schemes promising easy money in no time.

Instead, we’ve narrowed down our pick to just five products that have proved to be the most reliable:

Documents. Most often, documents come in the form of templates (anything from forms, such as legal and employment forms, to business plans) or informational pieces. There are also CVs, legal forms, how-to articles, PPT presentations, receipts, gift certificates and tons of other document types you can sell. Just make sure your document isn’t subject to intellectual property owned by someone or something else.

Electronic Books. E-books are relatively simple to produce since they require little more than just written text and a few relevant images. They are simple to distribute, easily used by customers, who can download and read them on e-readers, tablets, computers, and smartphones. Additionally, you can educate, advise, or curate existing content with an e-book and then sell it on your website.

Courses. e-Learning is an industry open to innovations and is growing with unprecedented momentum. As it expands, we are starting to see traditional educational institutions explore new ways for making their content more available to learners. Learning material can be sold either in the form of a downloadable course or collection of courses or as a subscription to a web-based service.

Photography and Art. Digital products based on visual art include a variety of things, from logos and PSD templates to PowerPoint themes and original artwork. You can create and sell card designs, patterns, backgrounds, drawings, sketches and much more. Note, that high-quality, original artwork can be priced higher. If you can produce artwork digitally, it’s definitely worth selling online (just be sure to license it correctly!).

Music and Audio. Audio is a powerful communication medium. There are many different types of digital audio products out there, that users eagerly purchase. It’s not always for music but other types of audio material too, e.g., lectures, musical samples, audiobooks, language lessons, sound effects or even relaxing background noises.

There are, of course, many more types of digital downloads you can distribute online.

But since pdfFiller is a document management solution, we’re going to focus solely on this subject as we continue on.

Why Selling Documents Online Makes Sense?

In an age of downloadable goods, millions of documents are searched for and purchased daily.


More and more consumers prefer to use standard document templates rather than creating them from scratch.

Contracts, agreements, rental and eviction documents, vendor and application forms — all these documents can be published and sold online.

Sell Documents Directly To Customers

The ability to sell files online directly to customers, without a vendor acting as the middle man, is a relatively new thing.

There are just a few services on the market that allow a seller (author or publisher of a product) to distribute their digital products, including PDF documents and forms.

And each has its own set of pros and cons.

Among their most common drawbacks are cost, lack of security, and limited options for customization.

What you’re looking for is an online selling platform that meets all compliance and security standards while providing a range of possibilities for sellers wishing to sell digital downloads.

With SellMyForms, you can quickly turn documents into digital downloads, distribute them via a URL, embed them on a web page or create a separate website for each form.

It enables customers to find your form using search engines and purchase it online in a matter of minutes.

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