How to Make Money Blogging without Experience (How I Did It)

How to Make Money Online without Experience
How to Make Money Blogging without Experience (How I Did It)

The Right Tools To Help You Start A Successful Blog Right Now! #makemoneyblogging #blog #successfulblog #ruralmoney #rural #money

I am constantly asked about my rural money blogging resources so; let me show you how to make money blogging without experience.

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After many inquiries, I decided to post my blueprint after I reached the $8,000/month income threshold!

I will soon pull this post off the site again to publish an eBook about “how I did it.”

This guide contains everything you need to do to get started building an online business (with a niche affiliate marketer website/blog).

Although I use different tools and platforms for various functions, they are all important resources that I have used to build my profitable and successful blog.

Mind you, I am not wealthy and I don’t pretend that you will be either by using these resources, but you could! 

As a consequence, many bloggers and I are earning a nice income by using the resources below.

Niche affiliate blogging is the only job I have!

It allows me the freedom to stay at home, work from home and make money online by helping others create a better rural lifestyle.

As of November 2019, Rural Money’s State Of The State condition is in profit and successful.

One warning:  If you stop posting well-written content regularly on your blog, traffic and income will fluctuate (go down). It’s like the search engine gods punish you for not feeding them! Always remember that!

The best way to get around not being able to blog during illness or an emergency is to “Schedule Posts” for one month, at least.

Check out my blogging resources below and start using them to start your online business.

After much trial and error, I have listed the best online resources for new bloggers.

Don’t just take my word for these being the most proven resources, take action.

The proof is in starting your own profitable and successful web site/blog, right now!

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thank you! :=)

Computer | Accessories

If you are a low-income person without a computer and can prove low-income eligibility requirements, then this is an amazing resource for you to start your online business. This resource is ONLY for U.S. citizens who are low-income and can prove it. Refurbished Microsoft computers range from $100 minimum to $265 Max! There is also affordable Internet service and a map to check for availability in your area. If you are interested in this special blogging resource, then contact me.

Website Template


Domain Name

#1 SiteGround — You can order an unlimited number of domains with your SiteGround hosting account.

Website Hosting

#1  This hosting company has 98% satisfaction because TOP BLOGGERS including use their service. This is my current hosting service and it’s awesome!


Fiverr.comEverything you need to start and grow your business. Hire Fiverr freelancers.


#1 SiteGround Copycat if you want to be the best by using the best built-in email and autoresponder.

Social Media Networking Platforms for Increasing Blog Traffic — tonzaborden — ruralmoneytechniques — tonzaborden

Twitter — ruralmoneymaven

LinkedIn — tonzaborden

These are the top social media sites that all successful bloggers use. If its good enough for Neil Patel, then it’s good enough for me. What about you?


#1 SiteGround




Google Adsense

Sponsored Posts and Collaborations

Funds Management


Working Online
Working Online Image Credits

The Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing (not in any specific order)

  1. CBD and Hemp
  2. Money and Wealth
  3. Making Money Online
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Income Activator
  7. Shopify
  8. Hobbies
  9. Outdoor Survival
  10. Pets
  11. Fitness
  12. Fashion
  13. Gadgets
  14. Self-Improvement
  15. Investment
  16. Loans
  17. Bluehost
  18. Drones
  19. Eco-Friendly Products
  20. Pre-Planned Meals
  21. Shapewear and Bodycon
  22. Weight Loss Items
  23. Print On Demand Clothing and Apparel
  24. Smartphone Accessories
  25. Car Accessories
  26. Handmade and Simple Jewelry

My Biggest Secret: RANKIQ SEO Can Snowball Your Website Rankings And Traffic With Google!

SEO is where the real ‘magic’ happens in snowballing your blog. (afflink)

SEO builds a permanent asset, unlike paid advertising where the traffic stops as soon as you stop buying ads.

As you invest over time by regularly publishing targeted content, the size and ranking of your site effectively ‘snowballs’.

Here are three steps you should follow to maximize your SEO snowball effect:

1. Publish On A Consistent Schedule

Search engines prefer websites that regularly produce new content, such as news sites and blogs, over those that never change (they’re static).

For best results, set a publishing schedule (whether it’s three times a week or twice a month) and stick to it as best you can.

Quality always trumps quantity; therefore, it is better to produce 2 high-quality posts per month than 10 low-quality posts.

2. Use A Variety Of Keywords

It is clear from Google’s actions that targeting just a few ‘money’ keywords on your website may be viewed as spam.

By engaging in SEO, you automatically increase your site’s keyword diversity and look more credible to search engines.

Google Analytics data is a great source for this data, but it tends to be overwhelming (who can create content for 500 keywords?). is a great filter for finding the long tail keywords that your website has the highest potential to dominate the search algorithm.

3. Target One Keyword Per Article Or Blog Post

In general, one targeted article or blog post for each under-performing keyword is enough to begin ranking highly for that search term.

Each page should have at least 250 words of quality content—to be safe, I recommend at least 500 words.

If you have two similar keywords you wish to target, be sure that their articles are unique (i.e. do not just swap out the keyword).

4. Spread The Word

In an ideal world, you would become an authority in your niche.

Google looks at a number of different signals to measure your authority, most of which relate to how people consume and share your content.

Here are a few ways to get your content out in the wild:

  • Build A Social Media Presence. If your target audience is engaged on social media, then try to find ways to provide value to your audience by interacting with them. An engaged audience is much more likely to share links than the average anonymous visitor.
  • Write Press Releases. Press releases are still an effective way to gain exposure and service like PRWeb make them trivial to distribute. You should only put out a press release if you have something newsworthy to share.
  • Participate In Communities And Groups. Find out where your target audience ‘hangs out’ online (e.g. discussion forums, popular blogs, YouTube) and make yourself known by adding value to the conversation.

Write Blog Posts that Rank on Google’s 1st Page

I strongly recommend RankIQ because it is a one-of-a-kind SEO toolset built just for bloggers and businesses that run a blog.

It tells you what to put in your post and title, so you can write perfectly optimized content in half the time.

Brandon Gaille also have a hand-picked library of the lowest competition high traffic keywords for every niche.

Watch the short product tour video below to get instant access here (afflink).

After you start your blog, be sure to join my Partner Links Program to get a backlink and boost your SEO.

P.S. This is proprietary information for my subscribers only so please do yourself a favor by not sharing this information with anyone—unless you are not serious about making money online.

It has taken me since 2015 to acquire and implement this knowledge, which I am able to share with you.

These are YOUR SECRETS NOW so, don’t rip yourself off.

One of my favorite quotes is:

It’s not how fast you get there, it’s how long you STAY.

Patty Berg, First President of the LPGA

And, as a side-note fun fact, my first set of golf clubs was a used set of Patti Berg’s in the 1980s.

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