How To Make A Breathable Durable Face Mask Without Sewing

How To Make A Breathable Durable Face Mask Without Sewing
How To Make A Breathable Durable Face Mask Without Sewing

The Eyes Have It:  An Unlikely Solution For Face Masks That Won’t Break Your Budget!

I got tired of looking for face masks so I decided to make a breathable durable face mask without sewing or any complications.

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Many people are exploring their creativity to make face masks and using many different items.

My face mask takes only a couple of minutes providing you can source the items on Amazon, while still available.

I give you step-by-step instructions how I put my breathable face mask together.

Putting it together is a better term than “making it”.

It is very important that the face mask is breathable.

What I mean by that is:  Your face mask must allow air to your nose and allow sweat to evaporate.

The face mask material should also be windproof.

The mask I have selected for this project meets all the criterion.

After trying your home-made face mask, you will see noticeable results.

At least, it’s better than no mask at all!

Since you are buying an alternative product to be used as a face mask, I want to point out a few don’ts first:

  • Don’t use any material that has been dyed because of a possible allergens. For example, I also purchased multi color eye masks, but they stink, even after washing. They’re optional.
  • Don’t wash new masks in detergent because you may be allergic to it.
  • Don’t use anything unbreathable.

Benefits Of Using This Home Made Mask

  • Breathable
  • Tight fitting
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Affordable

What You Need To Make Breathable Face Masks Without Sewing

  1. White eye masks (Please use my link to order them from Amazon while supplies last) 🙂
  2. Activated carbon filter for face mask optional (Please use my link 🙂
  3. Aromatherapy oil optional (Please use my link 🙂

Instructions To Put The Face Mask To Together

  • Try on a face mask, which will fit tight because it should. One size fits all, I hope.
  • I highly recommend washing or rinsing the masks after you receive them in white vinegar water and let them air dry. They look clean, but you want to remove any allergens. When using vinegar rinse, the inner mesh fabric and elastic changed colors. Don’t know why.
  • Place a filter between two masks by cutting a small slit in one side of the eye mask to insert the activated carbon filter.
  • Each eye mask have a small piece of satin that rest on the nose when worn correctly. To use it as a face mask, turn the eye mask upside down so the satin covers the nostrils. Optional:  Add a small piece of aluminum heat tape on top of the satin if you want to crimp the satin over your nose.
  • Loop the elastic around or under the ears.
  • That’s it!

Option 1:  Since you are doubling your masks, you may not need to use a filter.

Option 2:  I mostly wear one mask around the house, but during hay fever season or going into the outside world to shop, etc., I double them and/or use the activated carbon filter.

Option 3:  Add a very tiny dab of aromatherapy oil to the mask. CAUTION:  A little goes a long way. I don’t recommend using the oil if you have asthma, etc.

In my long experience in homesteading, I’ve made a practice to create and stockpile things I need.

In keeping with the eye mask face mask modification, I offer the following tips to show you how to save money, even when it makes sense to spend it.

These tips are meant to inspire you to be as clever and resourceful as me.

Tip 1:  Aromatherapy Is Scentsational

Some aromatherapy oils in lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, sweet orange, frankincense and myrrh are scentsational!

Is it safe?

No matter how much you love to try new oils,  it’s probably not the time when you’re pregnant or nursing a baby, have asthma, respiratory problems, or have allergic reactions to certain herbs and oils.

Tip 2:  Let Your Nose Have An Aromatherapy Moment

Ease the transition from stressful thoughts of a contaminated environment to relaxing thoughts going about your daily activities breathing the gentle aroma of scented oils.

Tip 3:  Why Do You Need A Face Mask—Bad Air Everywhere

Many office buildings, supermarkets, etc. are sealed environments, which means there’s no fresh air circulating.

What’s worse, these buildings often contain toxins, such as the volatile coronavirus.

In addition to using a face mask in the long-term, buy some plants for your office and home.

Philodendrons, spider plants, cactus, English ivy, and peace lilies are actually capable of soaking up air pollution and toxins.

If you like this idea and tips, leave a comment below please.

These breathable durable eye mask (face masks) are reusable; so a package of 20 should be enough for your family.

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