How To Make And Sell Soap Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

How To Make And Sell Soap Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic
How To Make And Sell Soap Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

Make Pure And Simple Sweet Smelling Soap That Sells In A Disaster!

Learn how to make and sell soap due to the coronavirus pandemic, which provides the inspiration behind this pure, simple, sweet smelling biz.

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Any type of soap (bar, hand soap, cleaning) is a number one bestseller online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the CDC, the best way to prevent the spread of germsā€” and more specifically, coronavirusā€”is to wash hands regularly

And for that, you’ll need hand soap, which is sold out at a lot of stores.

Fortunately, you can make and sell soap due to the coronavirus pandemic online.

Also, you can make mild, liquid hand soap and dish soap if you put your mind to it, for all of those consumers who are running out of soap!

Your homemade soap can be easily made with delicate products and environmentally friendly ingredients for hand-washing, bath, beauty, and home-care.

Lavender, grape seeds, and even wine lend the soaps, creams, and other products a distinctive marketing flair.

And, your homemade soap will sell briskly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Make a variety of bar soaps but, mostly plain and unscented because many people have allergies and/or don’t like the texture of oatmeal and herbal soap, or dye.

How To Make And Sell Soap That’s Pure, Simple And Sweet-Smelling?

Step 1. combine vegetable oils and lye to make the soap base.

Step 2. Warm the base and stir it to create a reaction between the oils and the lye.

Step 3. Add ingredients such as, essential oils, natural exfoliants, and herbs to the base.

Step 4. Pour the soap into molds to set up.

Transfer the bars after 24 hours to curing racks, where theyā€™ll stay for three weeks before they are ready to be sold.

That’s it!

Now, you’re ready to package and sell your soap on Etsy.com.

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