50 Easy Ways To Make A Living In A Rural Area

Make A Living In A Rural Area
50 Easy Ways To Make A Living In A Rural Area – Rural Money

Overlooked Ways To Make A Living In A Rural Area!

It’s necessary to think outside the box to find ways to use your knowledge, skill, ability and opportunity to make a living in a rural area.

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Use one or more of these rural money ideas and you will soon have a steady income and a prosperous, ongoing means to live comfortably in a country economy.

One Or More Ideas To Help You Make A Living In A Rural Area

1) Sell and install solar panels, lights, etc.

2) Raise, butcher, sell meat.

3) Trap animals and sell meat.

4) Hunt other people’s land for a share of the game.

5) Help ageing in place seniors with housecleaning, yard work, gardening, etc.

6) Lease your forest to hunters.

7) Can and sell wild game.

8)  Can and sell vegetables and fruit.

9)  Forage and sell wild mushrooms.

10)  Trap and sell wild animal hides to make quilts.

11)  Make quilts, throws and rugs with wild animal skins.

12)  Make candles in recycled cans and sell or trade.

13)  Harvest and sell tea to specialty stores, preppers, etc.

14)  Make and sell wool socks, scarves, etc.

15)  Convert sheds/build pavilion with summer kitchen.

16)  Build root cellars for food and meat.

17)  Create a niche solution affiliate website/blog.

18) Plant and sell fruit trees with harvested seeds.

19)  Recycle old cell phones and smart phones to Africa.

20) Write canning for homestead dummies Kindle ebook.

21)  Create off grid homestead affiliate website/blog.

22)  Create off grid homestead affiliate website/blog about mudslide prevention.

23)  Create an affiliate website about eggs (the potential danger of unpasteurized eggs).

24)  Create an affiliate website about raising pigs in a permaculture forest.

25)  Sell pine cones by the bushel for emergency wood burning stove fuel.

26)  Cut and sell free, fallen forest firewood.

27)  Help people find water springs, seeps, etc. on their land.

28)  Build rainwater storage tank tower with free plan.

29)  Build roadside stands with free plans.

30)  Build fallout shelters and emergency bunkers with free plans.

31)  Build chicken coops with free plans.

32)  Make and sell quilts made with recycled clothes.

33)  Sell any old containers for gardening.

34)  Sell used tires for raised gardens

35)  Create front yard gardens.

36)  Build natural fencing cheap.

37)  Buy and re-sell cast iron cookware.

38)  Write canning butters Kindle ebook.

39)  Write canning beans, flour and rice Kindle ebook.

40)  Make wild animal fur pillows.

41)  Can and sell alligator meat.

42)  Write canning alligator meat Kindle ebook.

43)  Create off grid wild animal prevention affiliate website.

44)  Ferment free falling fruit for wine.

45)  Make and sell small batches of premium moonshine.

46)  Make and sell home brew.

47)  Restore old barns for sales and events.

48)  Make and sell herb and pine pollen tinctures.

49)  Create a Rural Rx affiliate website for home remedies.

50)  Build a roadside store.

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