Mail Order: How To Earn Money With 81,000 One Dollar Orders

Mail Order
Mail Order: How To Earn Money With 81,000 One Dollar Orders

This Is An Excellent Way To Earn Money In The Mail Order Field!

If you’re curious how to earn money with 81,000 one dollar orders, then I won’t keep you in suspense–it’s the mail order business.

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In fact, it is a very specialized business wherein opportunities often are to be found.

As evidence of success attained by others, let us consider the novel razor-blade sharpener, which is sold by mail.

A small manufacturing firm has obtained 81,000 one dollar orders directly from their two-inch display advertisement appearing in various magazines within a period of two years.

In this instance, no inquiries were solicited.

People made purchases directly from their advertisement, sending their dollar for the sharpener.

Earning a huge amount of money is possible–selling directly from a small display ad on Google Adsense–when the amount of the purchase is only $1.

Hazarding an estimate, the gross profit was probably around 33 percent, which would mean $13,500, and with expenses rather low, it is plain to see that this little manufacturer has been earning substantial net profits.

In conducting a mail order business like this, the overhead is low–no printing necessary for advertising literature, and no doubt one or two persons could take care of volume orders.

What Gadget Can You Think Up?

If possible, use your imagination to think up some gadget or useful article that others can use, and consider the possibilities of selling it by mail or online.

If you have something that is as good as a similar product and can sell it for $1-$5, you have a good chance of making the grade.

Or, if you have something better and can sell at the same price as a competitive article, your chances are still greater.

Then again, if you have something better and can sell it at a lower price than a competitive product, you have a lever that will just about insure your success!

Many local businesses are overlooking an additional source of profit when they fail to consider the possibilities of establishing a sideline mail-order business in their store or place of business.

The fact that not one business, but two businesses will be sharing the overhead expense, adds to the attractiveness of the idea.

Most local retailers can work in a mail-order enterprise with their regular business without too much trouble or inconvenience.

The additional advertising the local business will receive and the extra profits coming in daily via the mails is something to think about!

For the ambition man without a local business, but with mail-order aspirations, this particular field beckons!

A chap in a similar position created a new enterprise for himself by using this idea and building a larger plan out of it.

He made a deal with a local storekeeper, which gave him an office in the rear of the store, the use of the merchandise on hand and a 50 per cent share of the usual annual advertising appropriation for this particular business.

The storekeeper agreed to give him 5 percent commission on all mail-order sales.

This venture went over with a bang and inside of one year, the operator had sold $200,000 worth of merchandise for this businessman–and all by mail!

A profit of $10,000 for the year without investing any money of his own indicates that the plan has real value for everyone concerned.

A plan that can produce such amazing results can certainly produce some sort of profits for other promoters!

If the promoter ran up against a lot of skepticism, it would be a simple matter to a gree to work the plan without any personal payment until the sideline started to show a good profit.

In some cases, the mail-order department could be partially conducted in the promoter’s own home.

This would be an excellent way to gain some experience in the mail-order field.

The merchants wouldn’t expect an expert to make them such a proposition.

Usually, a successful or experienced mail-order man would be operating his own business and not interested in such a deal.

The local dealer, however, would expect a man with a fair amount of knowledge about the mail order market and a lot of new ideas.

Can you see any possibilities in starting a mail-order business with 81,000 one dollar orders?

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