Love Or Rural Money? Why Not Have Both?

Love Or Rural Money
Love Or Rural Money? Why Not Have Both?

You Can Have Both As Long As You Get Your Strategy Right!

People will often say that you have to make a choice between love or rural money in life, but that’s not actually true; you can have both.

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As human beings, we sometimes have a habit of thinking in binary terms; we create opposites, like war and peace, high and low, black and white. 

But in many cases, those opposites don’t actually play out in the real world.

Love Or Rural Money Is All About Getting Your Strategy Right

The idea that you can’t have both love and rural money is because you can only have one purpose in life.

If you go all out for money, you won’t have time for love, and vice versa. 

However, when you start to pick statements like that apart, you soon see that they’re mainly nonsense.

It isn’t a choice between one or the other. 

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To see why, you have to understand the power of investments, something you can learn about at

Let’s say that you invest a small amount of money – $1,000 per year throughout your twenties.

For most people, $1,000 is about how much they can afford to put into their investment accounts. 

Now, let’s say that you just leave the money in the form of stocks and allow it to grow at 10 percent per year (a reasonable amount if you pick the right companies).

How much money will you have at retirement? 

The answer will shock you.

After the first ten years, you’ll have $200,000 in your account.

And then if you leave that to grow for another 20 years, you’ll wind up with $1.35 million, according to

What’s amazing about this is that you’re not even putting away money after a while.

Instead, you’re just allowing compound interest to do its job.

And when it does, you’ll find that your wealth continues to multiply. 

Now Think About Love ❤

While all this compounding is going on in the background, you have the option to spend your income on the things that matter in your romantic life.

You can go out on dates, build a family and pay for schooling all out of current income.

Even if you live paycheck to paycheck, you can rest assured that your money is still growing in your account in the background. 

When it comes to investment growth, time is what really counts.

Compound interest leads to accelerating growth in your wealth, so each year, your net worth increases by more and more. 

Notice here that you didn’t have to make regular contributions to get this kind of wealth during your life.

Instead, all you did was invest a small amount and then let time do the rest. 

Approaches like this sound fanciful if you don’t understand the power of compounding, but it is all entirely mathematical.

So long as companies continue generating profits, your investment is safe. 

The caveat is that you need to choose the right kind of investments.

Unless you are working with somebody who really knows what they are doing, your best bet is a diversified fund. 

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