Make Money Retrieving Lost Shopping Carts

Lost Shopping Carts
Make Money Retrieving Lost Shopping Carts

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Here is a fun business if you like working outdoors; all you need is an old pick-up truck to retrieve lost shopping carts for supermarkets, etc.

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Shopping carts cost supermarkets from $50 to $125 each.

People “borrow” them and forget to return them.

Often in urban areas where shoppers walk to and from stores, you can see carts left in fron of apartment houses, inside laundromats, at bus stops, in backyards, etc.

Most carts have signs on them that identify the store that owns them.

First, you should sign up the markets and discount department stores in an area.

Agree on a set fee for recovering and returning a cart to the store.

Usually, $3 each is about average.

Then start hunting.

On a good day, you might find 100 carts.

You don’t have to work every day.

If you can sign up 10 big supermarkets, you should have a good income.

You might also consider cleaning the carts, and making other repairs, to add to your income.

Do you know that shopping carts can be converted to go carts?💡💵


Image by Michael Gaida

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