How To Live Well On A Fixed Income In Rural Areas

Live Well On A Fixed Income In Rural Areas
How To Live Well On A Fixed Income In Rural Areas

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Many people have to get by on Social Security, but it’s possible to live well on a fixed income in rural areas, even if its bare-bones.

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Read on because I have tips that could help you live in style.

How To Live Well On A Fixed Income In Rural Areas

1. Cut Your Housing Cost

I know this may be difficult in the current economy, but you could live well on a fixed income by either moving to a less expensive home or to a low-tax rural area.

Check out the housing resource on Eldercare.com.

2. Save On Energy

Get experts at the power company to help you “weatherize” your home from top to bottom.

In many rural areas, you can find an organization to do this for free.

Contact the Department of Energy, division of Weatherization Assistance.

3. Share Your Home

Share your home or apartment  old city apartments with a housemate or two if you’re single or married.

You’ll save when you split rent, utilities, and other costs each on Airbnb.

4. Earn Extra Money

Earn extra money with a part-time position, seasonal job, or temporary work.

Just be sure your pay isn’t high enough to cut your Social Security benefits.

This may not apply to some recipients, so check with Social Security if you’re in doubt.

5. Enjoy Hobbies For Fun And Funds

Fun hobbies like woodworking, crafts, or painting can add to your funds.

Hire out or sell your creations at arts and crafts shows to boost your budget.

6. Senior Services Pays

Take advantage of senior services in your rural area to discover what’s available near you.

You may find a job or become a companion to another senior.

Check it out on Eldercare.com.

7. Senior Citizen Newspaper

Find out if your rural community has a senior citizen newspaper.

It might help you uncover valuable discounts, opportunities, and benefits you never thought of.

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