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Laid Off Mom

The Business Of Being A Laid Off Mom

How You Can Be Laid Off Mom And Make A Little Money Too!

As a laid off mom, you can choose to spend your time and energy feeling sad about losing your job or you can throw yourself into starting a business.

If you are a mom or single mom, you will spend most of your time taking care of your family, which comes with a lot of rewards.

Your children reward you with hugs, compliments, and the occasional dandelion bouquet.

Your husband, who may be laid off as well, thanks you for the meals you make, and for keeping the children out of his hair while he search for a job.

However, one kind of reward that is lacking is a monetary one.

In this harsh situation, it is not easy not to complain.

It’s not like you have chosen to be a laid off mom, as many other moms have not chosen it either.

Yet, you have a desire to contribute to the family budget.

There are many things a laid off mom can do, if she chooses, to earn money without “going to work”.

Are You Ready To Explore Some Options?

First, think about the things you do well naturally.

Are you great at organizing closets and pantries?

Do you love to grocery shop and deliver groceries?

Are your friends always asking you for advice about where to hang a picture or place a home decor item?

Consider monetizing your skills.

Organizing Closets And Home Offices

For every person who is good at organizing closets, there are ten people that hate it.

Those people might be interested in having you do it for them, for a fee.

Something that is fun and simple for you might be cumbersome and frustrating to others.

Still, others simply don’t have enough time to organize their own closets or buy their own groceries.

Well, that is good news for you!

Education And Special Training

Second, do you have education or training you could use part-time?

If you have a degree in math or education, you can tutor children.

If you are a graphic designer, you can design invitations/cards/flyers for local businesses, or use one of the many web sites that allows you to upload and sell your designs.

Consider creating an Income Activator web site that offer your graphic design, education and/or special training to other laid off moms, which is a very hungry market.

Using the education you already have is a good starting point for making money without having to work outside the home.

Third, what hobbies do you have that you could turn into a small business venture?

I am talking to all of the crafty laid off moms out there.

You know who you are.

The ones who enjoy making wreaths.

So, you make a few for your working friends, family, local small business, etc., and before you know it, everyone wants one.

Slap a price tag on that wreath and make some money!

If you have already re-finished all the furniture in your own home, before you were laid off, maybe it is time to start doing it for others.


Many laid off moms have found success in the areas of photography, and T-shirt design.

This avenue of monetizing your hobbies acts as a creative outlet as well.

Create a Fiverr account and market your T-shirt business to YouTube channels.

Do What You Did Before You Were Laid Off, As A Business

Last, where do you spend a lot of time?

If you go to the gym frequently, you might consider obtaining a fitness certification.

Teaching classes at the gym encourages you to get your workouts in while also making a little money.

Does your child’s preschool ever need a substitute teacher?

Is there a role you could fill at your church?

For a few hours, a couple times a week, you can make some money doing something you were probably going to do anyway, as volunteer, before you were laid off.

Other Considerations For Laid Off Moms To Make A Little Money

Other monetary ventures might include how much money you need to contribute before you see a return on your investment.

Many certifications seem costly up front, so take time to do the math before you dive in.

Choose an option that works best for you and your family.

You know how much “spare time” you have.


Also, you know what you would be willing to invest.

Make a plan, set some goals, and go for it!

You will love the way it feels to take care of your family and contribute to the family budget, again.

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