Kroger Grocery Delivery Review: How Coupons Save You Money

Kroger Grocery Delivery Review
Kroger Grocery Delivery Review: How Coupons Save You Money

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The Rural Money Homestead is writing this Kroger Grocery Delivery Review to inform visitors about my experience and how to enhance yours.

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After using the Kroger grocery delivery service the first time, I was hooked!

That is not to say the experience doesn’t need improvement.

When I first heard about grocery delivery service I had doubts about using it because I like to pick my own groceries.

By using the Kroger delivery service, you are picking your own groceries by making a selection of what’s available online.

Kroger Grocery Delivery Features At A Glance

o    Convenience—I am so busy, I don’t have time to leave my rural tranquility to get in traffic, shop, and get back in traffic.

o    Personal Shopper—Having someone else pick, pack and deliver my groceries is a luxury I deserve!

o    Saving Money—You should all know by now that saving money is high on my list. This experience doesn’t disappoint. Your personal shopper will refund and/or substitute items, which save you money. Also, Kroger’s famous WHOOHOO DEALS are selected to save you money. You can also “clip” Kroger’s digital coupons!

o    Easy To Use—Just order online and schedule a day and time.

o    Low Cost—I am a penny pincher, but there are some things I don’t quibble about; and this is one of them. I pay less than $10 for the service and less than $10 for the tip on a $150 grocery order.

o    Used By Professionals—I know for a fact that many working professionals use a grocery delivery service, in my rural area.

Cons Of Using Kroger’s Grocery Delivery

Although the Kroger grocery delivery service is awesome, it has a few minor faults, but they can be easily remedied as demand increase.

  1. It’s not available in many rural areas where the need is overwhelming for many seniors and people who do not have transportation or, there is no grocery store, and/or busy homesteaders. Rural townships is a huge market, which is why Amazon does such a big Prime and Fresh business.
  2. Grocery selection online seems to be limited to certain items in every department. They keep track of what brands you and others select. If you don’t see an item, use the search box. However, the item is probably not available for online shopping. That means, I will have to go to my “country” market for pig feet!

Kroger grocery delivery is such a great service, I can hardly find any fault with it.

In My Opinion

Kroger online selections could be better, but at least they don’t discriminate against prepaid debit cards—like Aldi do.

I use all sorts of cards in my quest to make and save money.

Kroger grocery delivery is not just for professionals.

If you have ever experienced a disaster such as a horrific tornado, hurricane, flood, etc., you could be left scrambling for solutions to get groceries in a temporary living situation.

Seniors who are home bound or don’t drive could also benefit from this service.

This online grocery service was created for the typical person like you and me who don’t want to spend upwards of two hours trying to buy groceries.

My successful experiences with Kroger grocery delivery have proven to be worth the cost.

After years of walking around huge supermarkets and purchasing random products, Kroger has finally delivered a convenient solution for those of us who “need a little help,” from time to time.

From its easy web site to its practical personal shopper and home delivery, Kroger grocery delivery offers the weary rural homesteader, disaster struck homeowners/individual, and stranded seniors, a lasting solution to the need for convenient, alternative or replacement grocery shopping that comes to your door with hand-picked items without leaving home.

Where To Get Free Digital Coupons?

You can get Free Digital Coupons on the Kroger site.

Moreover, they are automatically applied to your corresponding purchases.

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