Cash In On Kroger Checklist: High-Risers Dread Shopping Trips

Kroger Checklist

Cash In On Kroger Checklist: High-risers Dread Shopping Trips

Checkmate Kroger Checklist With Home Delivery!

High-rise residents are going crazy over Kroger Checklist service because they can shop online from home or work, pull in and pick up.

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But, there is another component of this popular concept that Kroger Checklist is missing.

What about the masses that live in high-rise apartment homes and condominiums that want groceries delivered?

Living in these swanky downtown areas can be difficult in terms of parking.

Although residents have private and assigned parking, when they move their car their parking space is taken when they return.

That’s a hassle when they have a load of fresh, perishable groceries in the car.

While they’re frustrated and riding around looking for another parking space, the ice cream is melting in the trunk.

And, they have yet to ascend to their home in the sky on the 38th floor with a cart full of food.

What a hassle after a long, hard day on a demanding job and maneuvering traffic just to get home.

Also, many suburban residents may want their groceries delivered because of time and traffic.

After a day’s work anywhere, all one wants to do when the clock strikes 5 is go straight home!

They don’t want to stop off to pick up groceries—they want it delivered—just like other packages.

And, if the delivery driver can stop off at a fine “package” store to pickup one of their favorite “bottles”—all the better.

Another problem scenario for Kroger Checklist is all the parking spots are taken at allotted pickup times.

Other times, associates may be unable to process paper coupons and get card to swipe properly without help.

Customers should use a service that allows them to take care of coupon and card issues online including buy alcohol and tobacco.

That way it is more cost effective and efficient for pickup and delivery people to serve them.

These are “everyday problems” that I am describing and they require solutions.

Therefore, you can charge a fee for “exclusive” concierge and door-to-door service.

Don’t stop at picking up and delivering groceries … get the dry cleaning, etc.

People want their lives back—one task at a time!

Then, executives and office workers don’t have to leave home or can go straight home from work!

Kroger Checklist Isn’t The Only Game Changer

While Kroger Checklist is providing online shopping and pickup without having to leave the car, it’s coming up short.

It takes time for these giant retail stores to “retool” so to speak to add new services.

By opening this door, Kroger Checklist has created an opportunity for homestead entrepreneurs.

Better yet, offer a service that “enhances” what Kroger is offering and let customers know it!

The Kroger Checklist service costs $4.95 per order.

Consider offering the first service to your customers complimentary—as an icebreaker.

This retail giant has opened up an opportunity for you to start your own delivery service.

Get Your Answer To Kroger Checklist Off The Ground

I recommend that you promote your service professionally with Vistaprint to the places you want to serve.

Don’t stop at offering your pickup and delivery service to high-rises.

Offer to deliver for a certain restaurant exclusively if you know that locals go crazy for their food.

Go all out for the Vistaprint letterhead, envelopes, business cards, magnets, door hangers, cap, monogrammed polo shirt, pen and tote bag.

Remember to start by offering your delivery services exclusively to one multi family building.

You don’t need to drive for Uber or Lyft when you can make money as an independent contractor—serving one location exclusively.

It doesn’t have to be Trump Tower, but it could be!

People who live in downtown, midtown, boroughs and suburbs all need and want convenience.

They know it, so all you have to do is present the idea to them like Kroger Checklist did.

There is no need to do an expensive marketing campaign.

Simply write a letter to the building management to offer your grocery pickup and delivery services, among others.

Enclose a business card (get the best ones you can afford) and wait for the fish to bite.

I also recommend getting a Vistaprint starter website to send prospective customers to learn more about you and your services.

A simple website that matches your other marketing materials will help seal the deals.

More importantly, it shows that you are serious and professional.

As a result, people will be happy to pay you to do their grocery shopping and/or pickup and deliver their groceries.

When you start making money from this idea, don’t forget to come back to thank me.

If you think starting a pickup and delivery service as an enhancement to the Kroger Checklist service is a good idea, please share this post below.

Updated:  As of 10/1/19, I can assure you that Kroger offers grocery delivery service because I used it today for the first time. It was a convenient and affordable experience!

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