Kinship Foster Care: Get Paid To Care For A Child

Kinship Foster Care

Kinship Foster Care: Get Paid To Care For A Child

Do You Want To Help Kids In State Care Facing Foster Crisis?

You may be able to get kinship foster care payments to help you care for a grandchild, etc. or perhaps even a friend or neighbor’s child, full-time.

Kinship foster care payments may include money for food, clothing, shelter, daily supervision, school supplies, personal needs of the child, medical care, dental care, incidentals, social services and supportive services such as counseling.

And, you may qualify for many other governmental services.

Most states have programs of subsidized guardianship to help such relatives who are willing to care for children in their families with a monthly payment and allow you to make all decisions about the children.

Subsidies are in the form of monthly payments that may be based on your income or on the income of the family whose child you are caring for.

If the child comes from a poor family (also defined as welfare eligible), or if you yourself are poor, you may receive a larger stipend.

Foster caregivers usually get more than welfare recipients, and are not subject to time limitations.

Kinship foster care payment may be increased if there are multiple siblings in your care.