InstaCart: Who Else Love Groceries Delivered?

InstaCart: Who Else Love Groceries Delivered?

Make Money With Same Day Grocery Delivery And Be Your Own Boss!🥕

Instacart lets you shop from local grocery stores online, then sends a “personal shopper” to fulfill and deliver your order to you, same day.

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This personal shopper goes to the store, picks up everything on your list, and then drives it to you in their own car. Think of it as the Uber of grocery delivery!

Why Become An Instacart Shopper?

Earn Extra Money Shopping For Others

As a shopper, you go to the grocery store like normal, except you’re getting paid to shop for others.

Work Whenever It Works For You

With no set hours or days, you can shop as much or as little as you want, anytime you want.

How To Shop And Earn?

Get approved to shop

Download the shopper app and pass a quick background check to get started.

Which Type Of Job Is Right For Me?

Shop and deliver

Full-service shopping is a contract role.

  • Requires a car
  • Deliver to the customer’s door
  • Work whenever you want

We’re Committed To The Health And Safety Of All Shoppers

Our teams are working closely with health officials to make sure we’re taking the appropriate precautionary measures to keep shoppers safe, including providing shoppers with safety kits.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is an app that connects you to customers who need groceries. You use the app to sign on, find orders, then shop and deliver those items to your customers.

When you get paid, you can cash out instantly and you can earn even more with tips for great service.

How do I sign up to become a shopper?

Just create an account at shoppers.instacart.com.

After that, just download the Shopper app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to complete the sign up process and get your background check started.

When your background check has cleared and you’re approved to shop, you can sign on to shop and make money on your own schedule.

How do I get paid?

How much a shopper earns depends on their role type and other factors.

Full-service shopperShoppers get paid per batch that they complete. Instacart provides estimates for your earnings on every order as well as total earnings for the week. The amount you earn per batch of orders depends on the number of items, type of items, driving distance, and effort involved in shopping and delivering. You keep 100% of customer tips. You also get opportunities to earn extra through promotions Instacart runs.
As independent contractors, full-service shoppers have the flexibility to work as little or as often as they want. This means that total earnings potential depends on the individual.

In-store shopperIn-store shoppers are Instacart employees who earn an hourly wage, detailed in the initial offer letter. In-store shoppers are scheduled for shifts based on personal availability, up to 29 hours each week.

What is shopping like?

Hear from real shoppers about what its like to shop with Instacart in this video.

What are the requirements to become an Instacart shopper?

In order to become a shopper, you must be at least 18 years of age, have legal authorization to work in the U.S., be able to lift up to 40lbs without accommodation, have regular access to a reliable car and have regular access to a smartphone capable of running the Instacart Shopper app.

You must also pass a background check.

What documents do I need to sign up?

The first thing you’ll need to have on-hand is your contact information (the details on your driver’s license should cover this step).

You will also need to have your social security number readily available.

The sign up process will then ask you to set up direct deposit so you can get paid!

You’ll need your banking information to complete this step.

How long is my background check going to take?

Background checks normally process within 10 business days, but sometimes it can process much faster.

Due to high volumes and temporary court closures, delays are possible.

Learn more at the Help Center.

Do I pay for groceries myself?

Not at all. As a shopper, you’ll get a payment card from Instacart and use it at the checkout register at every store you shop.

Getting a payment card is simple. New shoppers usually receive their payment card in the mail 5 to 7 business days after completing the sign up process.

People who say on-demand delivery is going away believe that the post coronavirus (COVID-19) world is going back to the way it was.

What I believe is grocery delivery and on-demand delivery is here to stay!

I’m signed up!

Shop with InstaCart and be your own boss.

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