Informal Underground Business: Chart A New Course

Informal Underground Business
Informal Underground Business: Chart A New Course

Instead Of Fighting The Corporate Directed Rat Race To The Corner Office, Start Your Own Homebased Business!

The thought of going into business or starting an informal underground business scares most people but, now is the time for a new course.

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Most people won’t even consider owning their own business much less an informal underground business!

Our whole educational system points students toward careers in government service or as employees of large corporations.

This is held out to students as a secure future.

Recent lay-offs in personnel in even large profitable corporations, however, have shown this to be a lie.

The truth is there is no absolutely secure course.

If you choose to be an employee, you will find that your friends, automobile, clothing, recreation and neighborhood will be selected with an eye on corporate policy.

In short, you will not be master of even the most personal areas of your own life.

And maybe after many years of loyal service to the company, instead of a gold watch, you have recently been given the iron boot, known to many as “lay-off”.

Recently, a survey was taken of a group of men who had all lived at least 100 years.

Each had his own pet theory for their long life but, one fact clearly stood out.

Fifty percent of them had worked for themselves.

Their lives had not been shortened by the stress of unreasonable bosses or by time clocks, or worry over being fired.

If they made a mistake, they would surely pay for it but; they had the self confidence that comes with knowing that you are the master of your own fate.

Most people hate their jobs.


The work itself usually isn’t the problem, but the petty harassment that makes each day a living hell.

Many older workers can tell you to the day how much longer they have to work to qualify for the company pension.

With psychological battering we take each day, is it any wonder that workers drop like flies from stress diseases like high blood pressure and heart attacks?

Is there another way?

Is there a way to earn a living and not hate fo face each new day?

Yes, there is!

Millions have found it.

Instead of fighting the corporate directed rat race to the corner office, start your own organization.

That’s the way to start at the top.

You build your organization under you as you grow, kind of like a YouTube channel.

If you were to start an informal underground business, your friendly local banker will be glad to tell you that 80% of all new ventures fail within five years.


In my opinion, a new business is like a newborn baby.

If it is to survive, it will need lots of tender loving care.

It cannot be expected to bear adult responsibilities.

But, as soon as you mention your “new informal underground business” to any member of the Establishment, such as banker, insurance company, etc., you will be buried in a mass of demands for information and money.

You will be told to get a business license, permit for your store location, enroll as an unpaid collector of state sales tax, and deposit money to pay for sign permits, telephone and electric service.

If you get the idea that all of these barriers were designed to discourage new enterprises, you wouldn’t be wrong.

This is certainly not what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

Most of them were lawyers, farmers and merchants.

They wanted to establish a country where each person could prosper according to his own efforts and ability.

If Paul Revere had needed a license to ride his horse, the U.S. might still be a colony of England.

Since World War II, the history of U.S. business has been one of consolidation and merger.

Fewer and fewer huge companies control a greater and greater share of our national economy.

The deck really is stacked against the little guy just starting out.

If this is all true, what hope is there?

How can a little guy succeed?

Have any businesses avoided these crushing regulations and taxes?

Oh, yes!

Two of the biggest businesses in the land are drugs and pornography.

But wait!

Don’t jump to the conclusion that I suggest you enter either of these businesses, although medical cannabis is legal in most states.

The organized criminals who run them are even greedier and rougher to get along with than the federal government.

The point is, they do not play by the Establishment’s rules.


Their business is UNDERGROUND.

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Many small businessperson’s have modeled their operations on organized crime.

I don’t mean they hire goons to beat people up or fit competitors for cement boots but; they know how to survive underground.

How Does Organized Crime Operate An Informal Underground Business?

They do the opposite of the conventional wisdom.

After all, conventional wisdom is just Establishment propaganda.

Compare these ideas:

  • Keep detailed records
  • Answer questions truthfully
  • Pay all bills with checks
  • Cooperate with all government officials
  • Advertise in papers, TV, etc.
  • Keep your money in a bank
  • Put your name on your business
  • Get a business license
  • File your income tax return like a good citizen
  • Maintain a good credit rating
  • Sign up for life insurance
  • Buy new cars on time payments
  • Register cars in your name
  • Buy stock in big board companies
  • Have your phone number listed
  • Give out your SSN whenever asked
  • Brag about your customers
  • Nepotism is a no-no
  • Use same address for home and mailing
  • Screw your customers
  • Turn over a share of the profits to the government
  • Vote in every election
  • Have a checking account in your name
  • Be fair with your customers
  • Be open with your children about your business
  • Use credit cards
  • Use straight conversation
  • Keep up with the Jones family

Organized Crime Does Not Follow Conventional Wisdom

  • Keep records in your head
  • Don’t tell strangers anything
  • Use cash, never checks
  • Buy money orders if necessary
  • Never cooperate
  • Cite the 5th Amendment
  • Use word of mouth
  • Never trust banks
  • Keep money (cash) in home safe or hidden
  • Use an alias
  • Do not get ANY licenses
  • File no papers at all
  • Deny having an income
  • Pay cash
  • Have no credit rating or a bad one (the I.R.S. does check)
  • Buy used cars
  • Register in a company name or relative’s name, or do not register at all
  • Own shares only in companies you control
  • Have unwritten agreements
  • Live modestly to keep a low profile
  • Change unlisted number frequently
  • Have several ID’s
  • Give out only phony Social Security numbers
  • Claim to be unemployed or disabled
  • Hire relatives (why should a stranger eat when your cousin is hungry)
  • Use a mail drop service
  • NEVER list real home address
  • Screw the government
  • Don’t even register
  • Have accounts in alias names
  • Never use credit cards, they leave a trail
  • Talk in simple codes
  • Tell kids you are a poet or philosopher

From the above listing, you can see that keeping your own business private is the way to success, according to Organized Crime.

Every man’s business was private during the time of our Founding Fathers.

The great double swindle of the income tax and The Federal Reserve Act was not passed until Christmas Eve, 1913.

Money was actual gold and silver coins.

Computers and telephone taps had yet to be invented.

Checking accounts and insurance had not yet become popular.

The level of taxation that inflamed our ancestors into rebelling against the English crown was in fact far lighter than that we endure today.

So, to have a successful small, informal underground business, just switch your mind back to a time when a free man in this “great” land of opportunity could conduct his own business in his own way.

Do you think that is impossible?

I have known several people who followed this course and prospered and; they were not criminal types.

It Requires Courage To Chart Your Own Course

It requires courage to chart your own course, the self-discipline to follow it, and an awareness of what is happening around you.

You must realize that most of what you hear and read and see on TV is designed by clever professionals to influence your behavior.

“Drink this! Smoke that!”

They are not concerned about your welfare but, rather selling you their product or service.

Consider life insurance.

Most people are convinced that they really need life insurance.

Yet economists tell us that in future decades, if inflation reaches runaway stages, $100,000 worth of life insurance may not buy your survivors a cup of coffee.

Checking accounts were sold to the public as a convenience.

But what is convenient about having to offer two or more pieces of identification and give your home address, place of business, home telephone, etc. before having your payment accepted?

Isn’t it easier to pay cash?

Those same influencers want carrying “cash” to worry you.

The point is, you will have to learn to resist the propaganda pouring over you from all sides and learn to act in your own best interest.

You will have to create your own freedom.

You can’t expect the government to give it to you.

The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (Prohibition) remained in force for almost 14 years although; it was an arrogant limitation on what individual citizens could drink.

It was repealed only when the government was convinced it was powerless to prevent citizens from drinking liquor.

The majority of citizens defied the law until it became a national scandal.

However, repeal did not free Americans from this bad law.

They freed themselves by ignoring it.

Economic Freedom Is The Basis Of All Freedoms

If what sustains your life can be taken from you by the government, all of your freedoms can be dissolved at the government’s pleasure.

Stop being a slave and join the company of other free men and women.

Do not fear failure.

Every self-made, rich person has failed, often many times, before they learned what they needed in order to succeed.

In future blog posts, I will present many small, informal underground businesses that can be started from home.

Some can be started with as little as $5 and others require a larger investment.

Most are honest, legal, and moral enterprises and none are swindles.

Some, however, may be illegal in the U.S, and others may be against the law in a particular state or city.

It is your responsibility to check the laws where you live.

I provide this information to increase knowledge, but I cannot accept responsibility if you start an informal underground business described on this website and run into legal problems.

Freedom requires that you take responsibility for your own actions.

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