Learn how to solve the most common problems of people with disabilities and disabled people with disability resource solutions and creative finance ideas.


How To Have A Solid Financial Plan For Disability

Financial Plan For Disability

Information Regarding Finances When You Or A Loved One Has A Disability After my son, Randy, was in the motorcycle accident that changed his physical and mental abilities, our family needed a solid financial plan for disability. Our lives were forever changed. What we didn’t realize, though, was what a difference we’d see in our finances. It’s not just about his ongoing care, which we thought about—it’s about how he’ll be taken care of after my wife and I are gone. Thanks to a truly great personal banker, I feel comfortable that we’ve got a solid financial plan in place now and for the future. However, I know there are a lot of families like mine that have a disabled family member, and many have questions about finances. Mortgage And Refinance Guide For People With Disabilities   Home Remodeling And Modifications For People With Special Needs   Budget-Friendly…

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