How To Increase Blog Traffic To Your Site Easily And Cheaply

Increase Blog Traffic
How To Increase Blog Traffic To Your Site Easily And Cheaply

Blog Traffic Is Easier Than You Think!

You cannot make money online unless you increase blog traffic; so I am showing you how to get a steady stream of visitors without hard work.

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These are my easiest, quickest and most affordable tricks and tips to get a steady stream of visitors to your website without working hard.

If you have started a website and realize it is hard to get traffic to it, then you are using the wrong type of Internet Marketing.

You don’t believe me?

Can Your Site Pass This 1-Sentence Test?

Have you submitted your website to search engines and finally got indexed, but it appears on the 5th or 10th results page?

Basically, your site is dead and buried and will not bring much traffic to your blog.

Getting quality blog traffic is not hard when you use an important “trick” and a couple of tips.

The trick is to start a affiliate website to turn your blog into a traffic seeking GPS success system.

This is the easiest, quickest and most affordable way to do it.

Works for me!

After that, use a couple of my tips and you will achieve a pagerank of 1-2 within a few days.

The pagerank alone will help visitors find your blog where ever it is on the planet.

I find that an affiliate website is the key to getting quick, fast, cheap, and quality blog traffic.

As a result, your website will start showing up in the top 10 Google results for your keywords out of millions of results!

To increase your blog traffic, pay attention to these two tips:

1) Have quality content on your site.

2) Have quality links pointing to your site, which is better when exchanging links with relevant sites.

Write Relevant Content For Quality Blog Traffic

If you follow my affiliate website recommendation, then it will also help you get started with relevant content.

Why is relevant content relevant?

Your website only has 5 seconds or less to make a connection with visitors.

Therefore, the goal of your website is to give visitors a good experience with content.

That makes them more likely to return to your website/blog again.

To get an initial blog traffic bump, you must develop the “right” mix of articles for category keywords.

You must find important links to point to your blog to get your website/blog traffic flowing.

Linking is one of the most important factors in the search engine optimization process.

The number and quality of links pointing to your site show how famous your blog is.

Google’s pagerank is in fact calculated from the links pointing to your website.

That is why pagerank indicates how important your site is.

The Pagerank formula is all about “inbound links” pointing to your blog.

Take a look at where you can place links to your site:

1. Forums: There are many online discussion forums.

Search for forums that you like, get involved in the discussion, and leave your link under your signature.

Remember to ask engaging questions and answer questions with helpful information.

If you just leave links, then you will be banned.

2. RSS Feeds: A affiliate website come with an RSS feed for syndication.

There are dozens of sites that will publish a link to your blog or distribute your content for free.

3. This is a really high traffic website with links to articles.

If you can have a good article linked from Digg, then it will send you tons of blog traffic.

4. Article Marketing: You can find dozens of sites that will publish and distribute your articles, and they will all link back to your site.

5. Link Exchange: Find some good websites related to yours and submit your blog to exchange links.

6. Own A Blog To Promote: Blogs are very popular today and even big business websites have one.

A blog is a powerful tool for marketing your website.

It attracts thousands of fresh, targeted visitors to your site for free.

It also helps you earn a #1 ranking in the search engines to drive highly targeted traffic to your blog.

In short, start a affiliate website, always write helpful and informative content, and look for quality sites with high pagerank to place your links.

As a result, you will make your website a blog traffic seeking GPS success.

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