Hunger In America: Fight It One Meal At A Time With A Prepper Pantry

Hunger In America
Hunger In America: Fight It One Meal At A Time With A Prepper Pantry

Food Is Critical To Your Survival!

Hunger in America is much closer than you may think with the USDA reporting that one in eight Americans struggle with hunger.

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Including more than 13 million children, food insecurity is an issue facing families in every county across the country.

Spring and summer are especially difficult.

During this time, food banks face a “spring hunger gap,” when food supply is often at its lowest level.

Also, during the summer when school is not in session, millions of children lose access to free and reduced-price meals.

To help provide meals to people struggling with hunger, companies like Walmart have created unique campaigns like “Fight Hunger. Spark Change.”

Rural Money’s advice is to take action by visiting food pantries, and start a “prepper pantry” at home to join in the fight against your own family’s hunger.

The Walmart campaign is an important part of their commitment to helping families who struggle with hunger.

Food pantries are great to pickup food when you have a food emergency, but for long term food security, you must find a way to start a prepper pantry.

Local food pantries can help you get started to avoid being a statistic for hunger in America.

Get to know where local food pantries are and spread the word through social media to help other families facing hunger in your community help curb the food gap, and start a prepper pantry to avoid having just enough food for one meal at a time.

Food is critical to your survival.