HUD Homes For Your Rural Homestead

HUD Homes For Your Rural Homestead
HUD Homes For Your Rural Homestead

How Many HUD Homes Are Available For A Homestead In Your State?

Anxious for a homestead, well HUD homes sells both single family homes and and multifamily properties, that might be what you’re looking for!

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Next to jobs, affordable housing is the main concern for many Americans especially those who are willing and able to buy a homestead.

Have You Considered HUD Homes for Your Homestead?

How many HUD homes are available for sale in your state?

Right now, your state probably has 1,000s of HUD listings available, but you don’t know it.

Who qualifies for HUD housing in in your state?

How do you apply for a HUD home in your state?

How do you buy a HUD house near you?

These are all great questions.

The good news is that almost all homebuyers are eligible to purchase a HUD home in virtually all 50 states.

For example, these are the top cities in Georgia:

Atlanta, GA
Augusta, GA
Savannah, GA
Columbus, GA
Albany, GA
Decatur, GA
Macon, GA
Lawrenceville, GA
Lithonia, GA
Marietta, GA

Find your homestead here.

The first step: Contact a public housing agency to get the ball rolling.

Most homebuyers and Real Estate investors buy HUD listings at local auctions or online auctions.

These buyers sometimes purchase the deal of a lifetime – in some cases homes for less than $60,000.

Huge Rural Money Tip:

If you are a homebuyer, be sure to purchase the HUD home during the owner-occupant period of the auction, otherwise, investors are permitted to bid if an owner-occupant does not do so during the initial bidding process.

HUD Special Program: Good Neighbor Next Door

Buying a home through HUD’s Good Neighbor Next Door initiative is designed to encourage renewal of revitalization areas by providing an opportunity for law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and teachers to purchase homes in these communities.

HUD provides a substantial incentive in the form of a 50% discount off the list price of eligible properties.

Bids for property must be submitted by a HUD-registered real estate broker.

Check here for available properties to purchase in your state.

Rural Money Tip: I found the link above to be difficult so if you use the link below and change your states initials in all caps, I think your search will be easier.

  • Copy this link into your browser.
  • Change MN to your state’s initials in all caps.

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