How Women Make Money In Rural Areas

How Women Make Money In Rural Areas
How Women Make Money In Rural Areas

Rural Homesteads Are Where The Money Is!

If you’re wondering how women make money in rural areas or you are just starting a homestead…your homestead is where the money is.

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That includes trying to make an existing homestead profitable.

In many cases, farming is no longer the anchor of the rural economy.

Farming is important, but it no longer assures a healthy rural economy, as it once did.

It is still a strong force, but it no longer assures rural economic success.

The Worst Of Times For Women Homesteaders In Rural Areas

Some rural communities are struggling with growth pains while others are struggling to find any growth at all.

Recruiting businesses into your area is difficult if the labor market isn’t strong.

Therefore, there is little opportunity for jobs and/or job growth, which is why children of farmers and would-be homesteaders are leaving.

Cross The Digital Divide To Homestead Money

Rural homesteads are where the money is because you can create your own job with an Internet connection and PC.

Many remote areas do not have an Internet connection, which is an unfavorable situation.

Yet, digital technology has the potential to open up bold new economic opportunities for you.

Wouldn’t making money online in a remote rural area be better than foraging for moss, ginger root, etc. to eke out a living?

With a rural homestead web site (and blog), you can write content about the things you are proficient, and currently doing to build a support audience to make extra money.

If people are buying moss, ginger root, etc. from you, there is a market.

Beyond that simplification of the making money online process, you must solve a problem for your audience and teach them something relevant to what they want to learn.

In a stagnant rural area, government and redevelopment groups are anxious for you to earn extra income and/or become self-employed to increase their tax revenue.

Those groups know that even rural people will start to leave, which could cause land and taxes to be abandoned, which would have long-term economic consequences.

This article is intended to inspire women (and men of course) to not get caught up in a downward spiral, because there is no job growth, and businesses are moving away…

Be encouraged, because to a large degree, rural homesteaders have become the new “entrepreneurs” of the last century.

If you work on getting a broadband connection, equipment and resources, you could potentially make a good passive income online from your homestead, if you stick with it.

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Resource: The National Broadband Map is a tool to search, analyze and map broadband availability across the United States. Created and maintained by the NTIA, in collaboration with the FCC, and in partnership with 50 states, five territories and the District of Columbia.