How To Write Blog Content That Visitors Are Searching For

How To Write Blog Content
How To Write Blog Content That Visitors Are Searching For

Write Blog Content That Is Based On What People Are Searching For!

Are you wondering how to write blog content that visitors are actually searching for that are informational and relative to their search?

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Are you wondering how to write blog articles without it being a pain in the butt?

The easiest solution is to have someone else write blog articles for you, but it’s better to learn how to write high quality articles for yourself.

In order to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, you must write useful and informative articles.

Writing blog articles is simple using the 80/20 rule.

Write 16 informational articles about your topic and four product reviews.

You are writing the articles so stretch the rule to 70/30 if it helps you to get started and stick to it.

There are no rules about writing blog articles per se, just general guidelines and tips that you can change.

Getting Started To Write Blog Articles

It is time to concentrate on completing at least twenty articles to get your site published and begin the ranking process!

Never publish a blank website because it offers no value and it is discouraged by Google.

Start by writing what you already know about your blog topic.

Knowledge about your niche makes writing much easier.

Collecting Material To Write Blog Articles

Research your niche to develop knowledge.

Gather information and sort it into various blog categories that you want to write about.

Write the title first.

There are more than enough subjects and products to write about before delving into product reviews.

How To Write Informational Blog Articles

You many find that writing blog articles s the most difficult thing to do for two reasons:

1. Knowing exactly what to write about
2. Believing that informational articles do not make money

Sixteen of your first twenty articles must be informational and four product reviews.

If you would like to use my “product review template,” then request it in the comments!

Post each final informational article into a blog category on your website.

How To Find Ideas To Write Blog Articles

Use the Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest (Google Instant Search) to get ideas to write blog articles.

When a search term is typed into Google it pops up a list with suggestions.

This is based on what other people are searching for.

For example, type a keyword phrase followed by each letter of the alphabet.

It will reveal lots of keyword phrases for the letter “A”, etc.

The purpose is to come up with ideas for your articles.

Create A List Of Titles To Write Blog Articles

Make a list of articles that need to be written.

For the first four product reviews, write about four best selling Amazon products.

They give you a much better chance of making sales.

How Long Should Blog Articles Be?

This is one of the most common questions asked by new bloggers.

There is no exact number of words, but write each blog article to help inform your reader without boring them.

A good article is about 700-1,500 words long, but this can vary.

General Blog Article Writing Guidelines

Start each article with a brief introduction so readers know what it is about.

Add relevant images and videos in the article.

Do not add links in all of your articles.

Instead focus on providing value to your readers to earn their trust.

Seperate the article into paragraphs with a h3 heading for each paragraph.

Keep paragraphs to 3-4 lines because readers won’t read long blocks of text.

Answer a question that a reader may ask.

When Should You Write Your First Blog Articles?

Write the first twenty blog articles before you build your website.

There is a VERY good reason for doing this.

The biggest reason why new bloggers fail to make money from their website is not enough regular content.

A quick trick to get your first twenty articles without writing them is to get a Dowib affiliate website.

Writing articles is time-consuming, but it pays well when done right!

After writing the first twenty articles, you will quickly determine whether blogging is what you really want to do!

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing … is all about writing and publishing regular useful content.

Blog Article Speed Writing Tips

Gather researched information and write everything you can think about the subject without thinking about grammar, etc.

Keep writing and never focus on spelling or grammar.

When you make mistakes just ignore them and keep writing.

Write for 20 or more minutes and take a break for five minutes.

Save and leave your articles until you’re ready to edit and finalize them.

Initially, writing articles is hard, but when you master it it’s easy to write 750 words in about 20 minutes.

The next day, carefully proofread and correct any mistakes.

When your brain is in the editing mode it is easier to focus on correcting spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Push yourself and you will be surprised at how quickly you can finish 1-20 articles.

I completed 24 articles for this guide in two weeks, and publish them one each day.

Of course, your writing schedule is determined by the amount of time that you have available.

Just remember that the life blood of your website is and always will be content!

If you write three blog articles a week for two years, then you will have three hundred articles on your website.

As a result, you will have a very impressive website that will enhance your authority.

As long as your blog topic is wide enough, there is always plenty to write about.

Just find a balance between writing helpful articles and quality product reviews.

Use all of these methods and tips to write your first twenty blog articles to get started.

If you are able to write the initial articles and enjoy doing it, then adding more content will never be an issue for you.

Otherwise, if writing is a huge pain in the keister, you have two choices.

Try something else to generate income because blogging is not for you.

Pay someone to write articles for you, but it is not a cheap option.

Practice the steps and tips in this lesson to write blog articles and soon you will be producing your own informational and useful content. | Work From Homestead | Save Money Tips

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