How To Start Your Own Air Courier Business In Less Than 30 Days

Air Courier Business
How To Start Your Own Air Courier Business In Less Than 30 Days

Start This Business To Travel Free And Earn Extra Cash!

Everyday, hundreds of companies, law firms and others have to send important time-sensitive documents or packages worldwide through an air courier business.

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Companies send documents coast to coast or overseas at the last minute.

In order to get these documents delivered quickly, they use air couriers.

By starting your own air courier business, you fly just like any other passenger except (1) you pay regular fares and sometimes free; (2) you have no checked baggage, just carry-ons.

The time-sensitive materials are placed aboard the plane as your passenger baggage.

To get a trip as an air courier, you can either deal directly with a courier company, or use one of the large courier companies, or use one of the large courier agencies that function as middlemen in the courier industry.

The best way to get started in your own air courier business is to register with booking agencies.

When you register, tell them where you wish to fly and when.