How To Start A Rural Commercial Cleaning Service

How To Start A Rural Commercial Cleaning Service
How To Start A Rural Commercial Cleaning Service

If you want to start a rural commercial cleaning service, this type of business would operate offline, but would use a web site.

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It would use a web site as a communication and promotional medium with its target market.

Your web site would promote your services; and you might decide to include a free quote option or the ability to set up corporate accounts online.

A few of the services you could include are:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Wall washing
  • Floor cleaning
  • Draperies cleaning
  • Water, smoke, and fire damage restoration
  • Air-quality testing.

Skills Needed

Knowledge of cleaning supplies and what works best in certain situations would be a valuable asset.

You may need to acquire certification to do some tasks, such as air-quality testing or specific types of cleaning.

Cost To Start This Business

The development of your web site and promotional materials will factor into your start-up costs.

Any cleaning supplies needed and certification courses you are required to take will also factor in, but expect to save $1,100 to $3,000!

Number Of Employees Needed To Start

This depends on how much business you plan to take on.

You can get started with yourself, and as business picks up you can slowly expand your work force.

This type of operation can be started as a part-time business.

International Potential

There is very little international potential.

Most of your business will be derived for your immediate rural area or surrounding communities.

eCommerce Model And Payment Processing

eCommerce is most appropriate for this type of business.

Important Business Issues To Be Addressed

Do your research.

This is a very popular business idea; so you will want to understand who your competition is.

You do not want to get involved in a business area that is overly saturated.

Online Marketing Techniques

Participate in Facebook groups related to commercial cleaning as often as possible.

You should also have your site listed in as many online business directories as possible.

You will want to focus on those that target your geographic area.

Develop a sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword phrases with the popular search engines.

To increase repeat traffic, you might want to develop a newsletter offering helpful cleaning tips.

This will encourage people to visit your site and find out more about your products and services.

For a more detailed description of these techniques, along with many other effective online marketing methods, I recommend this book: How To Start, Run And Grow A Successful Residential And Commercial Cleaning Business.

Additional Income

If you are considering expanding your business into other product or service areas, you could generate additional income by selling cleaning products and supplies on your web site.

If you want to expand the business itself, then you might consider setting up franchise opportunities.

Online Domain Name Examples

Chicago Maids, LLC — — A cleaning company located in Chicago, IL. We offer residential and corporate cleaning services to the tri-state area.

Chicago’s Best Cleaning Services, LLC — — This is a Chicago-based business cleaning service for office, retail, and manufacturing buildings.

If you’re going to do it, do it BIG from home!

Rural Money Highly Recommends A Rural Commercial Cleaning Service

I am the proud former owner of Housecleaning Services Atlanta (.com) for several years.

My target market was the Buckhead community in Atlanta, Georgia.

I specialized in “cleaning one house per day”, new construction cleaning, and corporate cleaning.

GMA Realty reached out to me to become their vendor for the Buckhead Grand-Condominiums.

*As a certified disabled person, I started this business with a Social Security Plan For Achieving Self-Sufficiency (PASS), and a $15,000 grant from The Social Security Administration.

Before I could accomplish self-sufficiency and success, I was required to write a detail business plan, which became 65+ pages, certified “feasible” by the University Of Georgia, School Of Business Administration.

My rural commercial cleaning service eventually financed the home I live in now.

Why am I telling you this?

This is STILL a great business income opportunity!

And, if I could do it as a disabled person, you can do it, too.

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Don’t stop there with your cleaning service business.

Add this service and 10X your income: Guide To Top 3 Home Maintenance Repair Businesses To Start At Home

*My Resource Book And Shameless Plug: Disability Empowerment: Free Money For Disabled Americans To Make Dreams A Reality

Author’s Note: Many people have since written about the PASS and; others tried to dismiss me and the information for their own personal reasons, but the fact remains: I DID IT and wrote a book showing other people with disabilities how to do it, too. People charge a lot of money to help with the PASS application. The only help I had was my intelligence. It’s not too late to get it from me broken down into simple terms for several dollars. You can thank me later!

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