How To Start A Profitable Home Manicure Service

How To Start A Profitable Home Manicure Service

How To Start A Profitable Home Manicure Service

A Manicure Service Is A Great Homebased Side Hustle

If you are into health and beauty in a rural area, learning how to start a profitable home manicure service as a side hustle is for you.

Starting a manicure concern from home or as a mobile service is a unique and fun home based business.

Think about all of the money women spend on getting our nails done!

If you have a license in cosmetology, or are thinking of getting one, then you are not limited to working in a salon.

Many women in rural areas are now looking for a more relaxed manicure experience.

You can provide it by starting a manicure service in your home or a mobile manicure service.

You can go into business for yourself with little start up costs and great rewards.

If you do not have a license to manicure nails, then you need to get one.

Post your license in your place of business and also have extra copies just in case the original gets lost or damaged.

How To Take Your Home Manicure Service On The Road?

In terms of offering a mobile manicure service, you need a copy of your license in your bag.

Before you begin, it is also important to set up a system to keep track of money.

Use a computer program like QuickBooks to track your cash flow, or do it by hand in a traditional ledger.

Appointment books and receipts are also a necessity.

A business telephone number is a necessary step in setting yourself up as a professional in this field.

However, a cellphone will suffice as long as it is answered in a business like manner.

The other necessary step is gathering all of your supplies and finding a convenient way to carry them from your home to the client’s home.

Make certain to take a variety of nail polish, manicure tools, nail polish remover, appointment book, receipt book and necessary supplies, including extra towels and cotton balls.

Traveling to a client’s home is not for everyone.

However, there are many benefits to offering a mobile manicure service.

From your customer’s perspective, it is much more enjoyable to have you come to her.

One of the biggest drawbacks for your client getting a manicure out of your home is she has to drive home and avoid damaging her fresh polish.

When you go to your client’s home, she does not have to worry about ruining her new manicure.

Although you are not technically “working from home” when you offer a mobile manicure service, you do have many benefits.

If you offer manicures in client homes, then you will reduce the number of people coming in and out of your home each day.

In addition, you are able to use your mileage as a tax write-off.

Be certain to keep accurate records of how much you drive for your business.

Working from your homestead can be isolating.

Therefore, getting out of the house to do manicures is a break in your day.

How To Advertise Your Home Manicure Service?

There are many different ways to advertise your manicure service.

Leave your business cards at local laundromats, convenience stores, gift shops and daycare centers.

Also, put flyers up on bulletin boards around town.

Network with people that you already have contact with, like parents at your children’s school, your husband’s co-workers and your former co-workers.

Tell people that you are starting a manicure service and get excited about it.

Share with everyone you can think of.

Let your cellphone do some of the heavy marketing and telecommunication.

A tip to making your cellphone appear more professional is to use the “standard greeting”.

Texting potential customers is a easy, simple and cheap way to promote your manicure service with special deals.

Before you know it, you will have a list of consistent clients who you manicure each month or week.

Starting a manicure service can be a great way to work at your rural homestead and do something that you love.

This will give you the flexibility to work when you want to because rural money is what we do.

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