How To Solve Pet Problems To Make Happy Pet Owners

How To Solve Pet Problems
How To Solve Pet Problems To Make Happy Pet Owners

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While the pet population is rising, learn how to solve pet problems to make pet owners happier and help ease the growing lifestyle changes.

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Dogs traditionally outnumber cats in the United States, but cats have become our most popular pet choice.

Pet Problem Solutions Needed For The Cat Boom

While dogs can never lose their status as man’s best friend, the number of cats has grown in the last several years by the millions.

I wonder does that projection include ‘stray or wild cats,’ which is a growing problem in rural areas?

However, that may come as no surprise to cat lovers.

Another reason for the cat boom is that dogs are more often single pets.

Households with cats have an average of 2.2 cats while households with dogs average 1.5 dogs.

There are still more households with dogs than with cats, although the gap is narrowing.

But, the main reasons for the growing cat population are changes in lifestyle and social patterns such as:

Apartments And Condos

There has been a big move in recent years, from single-family homes toward apartments and condominiums, which allow less space for pets.

Most cats are happier in close quarters than most dogs.

Of course, there are exceptions.

Some smaller breeds of dogs adapt well to apartment living.

Pet Problem Solution Required: Many become restless without a little room to roam, and run around.

On the other hand, a cat’s idea of the good life can easily be obtained in a few rooms, with a sunny window, and a well-stocked kitty bowl.

Pet Problem Solution Required: Dogs, on the other hand, quickly start to chew on the furniture, looking for more room to roam.

Managers of many rental apartments, cooperatives, and condominiums often discourage pets, and prohibit dogs more often than cats.

Fairly or not, they worry about noisy barking, dog bites, or property destruction.

This may reflect irrational fears more than actual risks, and more people fear dogs than cats.

Pet Problem Solution Required: Many people dislike dogs because they are afraid of them, often due to unfortunate childhood experiences.

On the contrary, people who dislike cats usually know little about them, and had no exposure to them at all as children.

Pet Problem Solution Required: Another lifestyle change that is hard on dogs is the growing number of households where all the adults work away from home.

This includes single-person and single parent households, as well as two-income families.

Pets in any of these homes are left alone for hours every day.

As a rule, cats cope with this better than dogs.

Cats are nocturnal animals and spend a lot of the daytime sleeping; so they may not mind a daily dose of solitude.

For those that do, there is an easy solution—namely, another cat!

Pet Problem Solution Required: Dogs are not always so companionable with each other, and often need more supervision.

For example, toilet habits are a big problem for some dogs.

Cats need little or no training in using a litter box.

However, dogs require more complicated arrangements that take more time and attention.

The same is true of food.

Usually, cats eat when they are hungry.

Dogs are tied to a particular mealtime they don’t like to miss.

Travel Accommodations

Different toilet and eating habits are two big reasons cats adapt better to the more mobile lifestyles of the twenty teens.

Vacation accommodations are often easier to arrange for cats than for dogs.

For example, if you decide on Friday to spend the weekend at the beach, all it takes is an extra large bowl of food and water to keep cats happy until you return.

Pet Problem Solution Required: Dogs need special arrangements for walks, cleaning and meals.

For longer trips, pet sitters often make it possible for both cats and dogs to stay in their own home with a minimum of effort.

For dogs, a kennel is often the only alternative.

Today, cats are more popular among the ‘empty-nest” homes of older and retired people, whose children are grown and living elsewhere.

Now, elderly people are far more likely to be healthy, active, and on he go than their counterparts a generation or more ago.

They do not want to be tied down by a pet that requires complicated arrangements.

A cat may give them more freedom to come and go as they please.

Both cats and dogs have lived with people as pets for ages, but pet problem solutions are still needed.

Create solutions to these age-old problems to keep pet owners happy, and you will make money.

Or, at least , start a blog to offer tips, information and problem solving products that already exist.

As Shakespeare put it, “Let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew and the dog will have his way.”

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