How To Sell Old Fashioned Apparel To Old Fashioned Women

Old Fashioned Apparel
How To Sell Old Fashioned Apparel To Old Fashioned Women

Why Not Make Retro Apparel For Fine Old Fashioned Homesteaders

There are hundreds of old fashioned women in any locality in the country who like to buy old fashioned apparel such as long-sleeved night gowns, etc.

Even such things as dresses, high-necked warm underwear, sun bonnets, shawls, capes, knit gloves and aprons.

But these items are hard to buy in up-to-date department stores.

Why not cater to these fine homesteaders and elderly women by making these hard-to-get items for them.

They’d be willing to pay better-than-average prices for wearing apparel they cannot get in local stores.

Here’s a specialty service that has good money-making possibilities in it.

In fact, one woman is said to have made a good living providing handmade old fashioned garments.

Perhaps, some of the garments can be purchased wholesale or in small shops that are going out of business.

Some of the elderly women can’t go out after them so start a website and online store on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon Handmade, etc. to start a buying service for them.

Image by ArtsyBee