How To Make Money Off Grid To Generate Income Self Sufficiently

How To Make Money Off Grid
How To Make Money Off Grid To Generate Income Self Sufficiently

Making “Bread” Off Grid Will Soon Be Everybody’s Concern!

How to make money off grid is already a concern to many people around the world who don’t have a job, pension, nest egg, or investments.

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They are aggressively trying to find some way to earn money whether living off the grid or not.

Even if you’re living a totally self-sufficient lifestyle, you can’t escape expenses such as taxes and death.

I’m sharing ideas to create income off grid—that might save your life.

The Good Book states there is nothing new under the sun and; I believe it.

Nevertheless, most people on this planet don’t know or believe it, which is why I’ll always have a job providing ideas to create income.

As I have written before, when you’re looking for a way to make money anywhere, you need to look outside of the box.

You Have To Market Your Talent Outside The Box

For those of you who are already employed, consider doing what you do from a home office.

You can keep your job (by all means, keep it), but some jobs can be done from home with an infrequent commute to the office, to say hi!

Many positions in aviation is doing just that.

In so doing, you would have time to create a homestead while working at home.

As many of you know, I am a big fan of becoming a consultant because most office jobs can be converted into a brokerage type venture.

Instead of selling whatever you’re selling for your employer, you find your own clients and distribute the same or similar products or services.

If you’ve done a good job and have good work ethic, you can easily parlay your knowledge, skills and abilities into a making money off grid—being your own boss.

In the near future, economist’s predict that many employers will be downsizing.

The threat of world war, declining trade, sluggish economies, etc. will give large employers an excuse for laying off employees.

Then, more people will be forced to leave the city seeking work and opportunities in rural areas.

Thus, many of them will be looking for opportunities for making money off grid legally.

Word Of Caution:  Don’t wait until an exodus of people with the same idea before you explore these ideas. You need to act now in order to have something to fall back on.

Right now, before all hell break loose, there is rapid Internet connections to be a virtual assistant, etc.

In fact, there is an amazing number of options for creating YouTube videos.

Are you Internet savvy?

Website designers, graphic artists, copywriters, and even bloggers are just some of the ways to make money online.

But, let’s not lose focus of making money off grid!

In the off grid world, we should all be prepared for long black outs and EMT’s.

That means, there won’t be any Internet connections available.

Therefore, you must study things you can do with your own two hands.

Cottage Industry Is The Norm For Making Money Off Grid

There are many classes you can take online or through your local community college, to get skills in order to create a consulting business?

And, until the next economic crash, you must have a business website!

Some potential home-based jobs are:

  • Selling your crafts at festivals, craft stores, roadside stand, etc.
  • Selling food items from specialty preserves to your own honey
  • Selling fresh herbs or other home-grown produce
  • Cutting, delivering, and selling firewood
  • Being a hunting or fishing guide on your land
  • Offering housecleaning or janitorial services to rural farmers, manufacturers, etc.
  • Doing medical transcription by hand
  • Lending off grid survival books for a fee (start your reference library with Amazon books, buy new and used)

Now is the time to assess your ‘survival’ knowledge, skills and abilities to discover what is more down-to-earth and salable.

Are you handy around the house?

Do you have excellent general contractor skills such as: carpentry, painting, remodeling, or plumbing skills?

When I think about these types of skills I think about my brother and my handy man who earn a lot of money, and won’t have any problem translating these skills off grid.

These skills are very much in demand.

Especially as baby boomers age and need help around their homes.

Are you an excellent cook or baker?

Can you build a kitchen in your home that can be FDA certified so you can provide baked goods to local restaurants or gift shops?

Can you start a catering business?

How about accounting skills?

Do you have the background to start a bookkeeping service for local businesses?

Can you provide off grid schooling?

As you look at these options, be sure you study the area where you are planing to relocate and live off grid.

Speak to the Chamber of Commerce and the local Extension office to get ideas about the needs of the community.

Speak to the director of a nearby senior center to discern the need for a handy man or other services the senior community might need.

Be creative as you explore your options for making money off grid, so it aligns with your new lifestyle.

In the future, basic services will be more in demand.

And, with world populations aging rapidly, what you can do and produce with your two hands will be in demand.

U.S. Statistics report that there will be more seniors than babies in 15 years.

That is an alarming wake up call for more reasons than one.

This bit of news, however, shows exactly who the markets are:  Seniors and babies.