How To Help Local Rural Businesses Solve 3 Critical Problems

How To Help Local Rural Businesses

How To Help Local Rural Businesses Solve 3 Critical Problems

Local Businesses Have Your Rural Money And Here’s How You Can Get It

A simple guide how to help local rural businesses in the U.S. listed in the Yellow Pages without a website, social media presence, and Google local listing.

All three of these problems make helping local businesses my top money making idea for 2018.

These businesses are losing money, which is a lack of customers by not being online.

Now, you know if they are not online, they also don’t have a social media presence.

This is a CRITICAL PROBLEM for local businesses—I’m not kidding.

They do not have a website, which is also a viable means to track traffic.

Bottom line, not having a website makes their YELLOW PAGE marketing useless!

If your parents have a mom and pop business, you need to tell them this and better yet, rescue their business, which would give you a first success.

You’re reading this post because you want to make money online.

If you are already making some money online, this revenue model should be added to your list of moneymaking ideas.

I have invested in helping local businesses in my area and it is already paying off!

Start helping local businesses in your rural area and you will earn more money than you have in your pocket right now.

Local is BIG because the problem is BIG, which is why Google, Yelp, Foursquare… are trying to solve the problem.

Their problem (that they don’t see) is they can’t solve the local problems because they don’t have boots on the ground; but you have the boots!

Now that you know the real “local” secret, hit the ground running to get your share of the local pie.

Offer Basic Websites To Local Businesses

Most local businesses do not need a complicated website—just one that is responsive and mobile friendly.

Their websites need to be simple because by and large, these are mom and pop business owners who are not technology savvy.

Here is your selling point to offer local businesses: Tell them that web design companies will charge several thousands of dollars for a website.

Mom and pop will hear this and listen to you because they simply can’t afford it.

Instead, offer them a beautiful and functional website for under a $1,000.

You do not need to be a designer or a coder, just use

Local Listings Are Calling For Help

It is now crucial for all businesses to be listed on Google Local.

Another problem for local businesses is they do not have time to take care of this.

Most of them think it’s rocket science, but you know it isn’t.

You can use a free tool like to see which listings have been claimed, therefore showing which businesses are not claimed.

You can easily charge $150-$200 per listing—so don’t be greedy with this.

There are other services that I mentioned up top that you can add on the back end.

Local Businesses Need Social Media Presence

This is similar to providing local listings; so help local businesses by creating a Google+ business page, Facebook and Twitter page.

Then recommend a Kodak Instamatic PIXPRO Friendly Zoom to start taking pictures of the business (for their Google Local Listing), while you’re setting everything up.

In addition to creating social media presence accounts, you can become their Social Media Manager and manage the social networks activity for a monthly fee.

Again, don’t be greedy because these are local businesses that support where you live and shop.

Therefore, they can’t pay you five and six figure prices.

Content Creation Is Still King Of The Hill

The businesses that already have a website and Facebook page may not be able to create and share helpful content.

Or, they may not know how to redirect that traffic to their website to leverage their online presence.

You can write their posts and take the pictures from their Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom to capture thumbnail images for attractive promotional videos.

Recurring Extras Has Got Your Money

Think of recurring services that you could offer monthly services such as website maintenance, Google Analytics tracking, social media management, email list building, digital advertising, content creation.

The more time you spend learning how to market local businesses, the more ideas you can offer.

Build Relationships Ask Clients For Referrals

When you create a beautiful and functional website for local businesses and they love it, you can easily sell them more services.

At the same time you can ask them for referrals.

Most business owners know other business owners; so they would be more than happy to refer you, if you are doing great work for them.

Chase Local Businesses To Get Your Money In 2018

I listed the services that are simple and maybe easy to accomplish if you are an expert in marketing.

If you live in a rural area no matter where, there are local businesses.

You can turn this into a full time successful business.

You can give yourself the title of consultant and help local businesses by offering basic marketing services.

Follow the money!

Resources to Help You Help Local Businesses:, Kodak PIXPRO Friendly ZoomBluetooth Selfie Stick