How To Get Rich Without Working At A Job You Hate

How To Get Rich Without Working
How To Get Rich Without Working

Use Different Ways To Acquire Wealth That A Salaried Job Will Never Provide! #getrich #ruralmoney #rural #money #ruralareas

Working is described as an obligation to show up regularly and perform tasks, opposed to how to get rich without working at a job.

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An obligation that usually consumes 8 or 9 hours of one’s daily life is the Rat Race.

Yet, most people must depend on such jobs to finance their basic necessities of life.

Have you ever wondered how have some people become wealthy without restricting themselves to work?

Some have been lucky enough to inherit a fortune.

Others have struck it rich in lotteries or by gambling.

A successful business owner, and officer in a large corporation, or a super salesman might acquire wealth through aggressive personal characteristics.

Then there are those who through manipulation, inside knowledge or proper timing, have acquired a windfall by investing in the stock or commodity market.

Talented people have become rich as inventors, authors, sports figures, TV and movie stars.

Professional people such as lawyers, doctors and bankers, through high fees or salaries, become wealthy.

The above situations, a matter of luck, special talent or timing, are beyond the hope of the average working man or woman.

Yet, there are many opportunities for anyone to make a lot of money without relying on tricks, high education or special abilities.

First of all, those who have acquired wealth through their own personal efforts outline this advice for necessary attitudes, and desires to acquire a high financial standing.

  1. Go where the money is and get your share.
  2. Be willing to accept and take business risks.
  3. Do something positive in your search for riches.
  4. Be willing to start small and grow big.
  5. Be ready to jump into million dollar markets if the opportunity presents itself.
  6. Use other people’s money to help build your own wealth.
  7. Diversify to increase your income.
  8. Create, locate and market something unique and different.

Long ago, someone made a wise observation: “Working won’t make you rich.”

So let’s review some of the methods others have used to become wealthy, and ways which you too, can acquire riches that a salaried job will never provide.

Become A Finder

This is perhaps the easiest way to earn big money.

What is a “finder”?

A finder is a person who brings two parties together on a transaction and collects a fee for arranging the meeting that consummated the deal.

The fee may be a percentage of the transaction or a flat predetermined sum.

Let’s explain your role as a finder.

Suppose you learn of someone who is interested in selling a large parcel of land, a building, surplus merchandise, a business, or dozens of other high-priced items.

You contact this person or firm and advise that you can furnish the name of a prospective buyer for a finder’s fee if the sale is completed.

You introduce the prospective buyer to the seller by letter and let those two parties come to an agreement on the deal.

You are entitled to a commission for locating the parties and arranging the meeting that resulted in completing the transaction.

Where do you find these opportunities?

You may be fortunate enough to find them in your own area.

Look and ask around.

Note the “For Sale” signs on large acreage or buildings.

Check “Wanted” and “For Sale” listings in newspaper classified sections, The Wall Street Journal, the Business Opportunities Journal, or subscribe to some of the publications that advertise offers suitable for a finder.

Never contact the seller, except for particulars of his offer, until you have a definite buyer prospect.

After your initial contact with both parties, send all correspondence concerning referrals, names, and confirmation of finder’s fees by registered mail.

Keep a copy of all correspondence should any legal problem arise concerning the receipt of your full and due commission.

Money Finder

In a method similar to the above, thousands of people are looking for money for business and commercial activities; others are seeking areas in which to invest.

You can operate as a money agent on a commission basis, by bringing together a party who seeks money with someone who is willing to lend it.

Again, contracts may be obtained through the methods outlined above.

Don’t overlook foreign investors.

The Iranians, Arabs, and Chinese in particular, have billions to invest.

Seek such leads in publications with foreign circulation.

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