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How To Get Free Rent
How To Get Free Rent In Your Local Area

You can get free rent through one of three methods: Manage an apartment building, be a building caretaker, and housesitting.

Opportunities to get free rent by all three of these methods may be found simply by checking the classified advertising section of newspapers in the area you wish to live in.

Most of the opportunities will be listen under “Help Wanted.”

Managing Apartments/Building Caretaker

Managing apartments consists of collecting rents, showing empty apartments, and doing minor repairs, such as leaky faucets, replacing light bulbs and taking care of the grounds.

Some units even pay a small salary depending on the size of the complex.

In a very large complex, there is usually a separate maintenance man and/or caretaker.

The manager only handles the rent collecting and getting the empty apartments occupied.

These positions normally pay only a token salary along with the free rent.


Housesitting is a lot more attractive to the average person.

The only drawback is that most opportunities are for short periods, three months to a year.

However, if you want to live in an area for a short time, this is the way to do it and live rent-free.

Lots of people would rather have someone occupy their home during their absence than have it sit empty.

You would be expected to maintain the place and treat it better than if it were your own.

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