How To Create A Food Blog Website For A Hungry Audience

How To Create A Food Blog

How To Create A Food Blog Website For A Hungry Audience

The World Just Can’t Get Enough Of Food Blogs—So Cook Like Everybody’s Watching

There is so much cooking inspiration for food bloggers these days; but, here’s how to create a food blog for a hungry, evergreen audience.

The food blogging industry encourages you to start a food blog; but it sets the bar too high for plain, rural cooks.

So why not create a food blog to inspire yourself to cook in interesting places because everybody knows you can cook?

Food styled photos of perfectly plated meals are not the reality for you.

A home-cooked meal shared with family, friends and hungry customers is.

In this post, I am offering some ideas to help take the pressure off of starting a food blog.

Like making it easier to prepare and cook meals in a small space, a boat kitchen that moves with you, or simply starting a fire outdoors that inspires you to cook.

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Create A Boat Kitchen Food Food Blog That Moves You!

A boat kitchen is actually a floating kitchen with all of the basic tools you need.

There is a rocket stove for cooking, ice or the river for cooling, and the river for doing the dishes you would like to forget.

There is no planning or blueprints to creating a boat kitchen.

No intricate installation.

Just a simple kitchen you can add and take with you whenever and where ever you need one.

So, whether you have a thin wallet or no fancy home or commercial kitchen, you can have a ‘functional’ floating kitchen that feels like home.

And, when business moves up or down stream, you can just take it with you.

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Create A Back Porch Kitchen Blog Fit For A Feast!

Show your audience that you don’t need a traditional kitchen.

In any weather, make the back porch your outdoor kitchen.

If you have an enclosed porch, then it does not require as much room as you think.

Even a small porch can be turned into a space-efficient kitchen to prepare a tasty meal.

Tabletops can pull double duty for the hot plate, fresh ingredients and dishes for a porch feast.

Pull another table together to create a prep area for chopping and chatting.

The thing that is missing in most food blog videos is ‘socializing’.

Imagine cooking in your porch kitchen with family or friends chatting and laughing all the video long.

And, it is OK to put your guest to work!

Everyone cooks together in an atmosphere that is casual and cozy.

A porch, patio, or balcony kitchen, etc. allows you to be the star—and what a food blog this would make?!

It is an inviting space to cook spring, summer, fall and winter meals that make your viewers feel like they are on a vacation—anticipating your cooking!

You want them to want to be where you are cooking to enjoy your food fit for a feast.

When you create a floating kitchen blog, you can share your meals anywhere and make more money.

Meals have migrated from the house and kitchen, stove and refrigerator.

These days a meal does not have to happen in a kitchen.

And a meal does not have to include appliances.

The days of ‘have to’ are over.

Go ahead and cook on a floating kitchen, noodle boat or back porch.

Food bloggers can cook on a boat, back porch or in the woods … because it does not really matter where you cook, as long as your food is delicious!

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