How To Become A Negotiator For The Best Deal

How To Become A Negotiator
How To Become A Negotiator For The Best Deal

Make Money By Helping People Save Money On Their Deals

In the U.S., we think it’s bad manners to haggle over prices then pay more than we should; so become a negotiator because negotiation really is an art.

Most people do not negotiate well.

They are too close to the situation and they get emotional or stubborn.

Negotiation really is an art.

You can learn from books and with a little practice hire yourself out.

One good book for professionals is “The Negotiating Game” by Chester L. Karrese, published by Thomas Y. Crowell Publications, New York.

It’s a wide-open field and you don’t need to be a graduate of an Ivy League school to qualify.

Advertise in classified ads:

“Let me save you money on your next new car, or house. Professional negotiator. No charge if I do not save you money.”

Have the customer sign a contract, which states that for every dollar you save him, he will pay you $.50.

Charge no other fees.

Get a copy of the best deal he had been offered on a new car and then go to other dealers.

Ask to speak to the owner, not a salesman.

When you are alone with the owner (or the general manager), tell him that you are your customer’s business manager and you have to justify the fes you charge.

Therefore, you will need a better price than the quote you have.

If you can’t get at least another $500 off the price, you will have to find another dealer who will give you this discount.

He will haggle.

Maybe you settle for a $300 savings.

You will have made $150 for less than an hour’s work.

You can do the same thing with furniture stores, Real Estate agents and even estate sales.

If you enjoy dealing with people, it can be a lot of fun and very profitable.

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