How To Beat The Stock Market At It’s Own Game

How To Beat The Stock Market
How To Beat The Stock Market At It’s Own Game

He’s Ranked In The Top 1% Of All Money Managers In The United States!

Michael O’Higgins, an Albany, New York based asset manager, has developed a simple strategy or stock tip to beat the Stock Market…

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In other words, he has a strategy to make money in the Stock Market while it’s riding high.

His method: At the start of each year, pick the ten highest-yielding stocks of the companies included in the Dow Jones Average.

Then, invest in the five lowest priced of these.

At the end of the year, repeat the process, replacing those that no longer fit the criteria.

O’Higgins says that his easy t echnique has resulted in an annual average 22.95% return for the past 20+ years.

For example, the five stocks he picked in 1993 were up 43% on average for the year.

The system has worked because it spots large troubled companies, most of which eventually rebound.

Don’t worry: The Stock Market isn’t going anywhere.

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