How To Be A Beverage Vendor | Modern Gunga Din

How To Be A Beverage Vendor
How To Be A Beverage Vendor | Modern Gunga Din

Where There Is A Crowd That Can’t Move, You Have A Captured Group Of Customers! #beveragevendor #gungadin #ruralmoney #rural #money #ruralareas

Become a beverage vendor like Gunga Din who is an Indian who brought water to the British troops who were fighting in India.

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You can’t count on having a battle in your neighborhood but, if you look around there may be an opportunity.

Are there often traffic jams on highways near you?

Do you live near fairgrounds, carnivals, national parks, sport stadiums, etc.?

Have you ever been caught in a traffic jam on a summer day with the temperature over 100 degrees?

If so, you will understand how some modern Gunga Dins can sell bottles of ice cold beer for $3, $4, or even $5 per bottle.

All you need is a motorcycle or a bicycle to get down between the rows of cars, with a large basket in front or behind it.

In the basket is a picnic cooler with cold water, cold beer, soft drinks, etc. packed in ice.

some do it by walking down the rows with an ice chest slung from a heavy strap around their necks.

In winter, you could sell drinks of brandy to snow bound motorists on main highways.

To find out about traffic accidents, which cause traffic jams, monitor the police calls on a short-wave radio.

Some inexpensive portable radios can receive police bands.

Where ever there is a crowd that can’t move or is moving slowly, and the weather is very hot or very cold, you have a captured group of customers.

Not steady but, can be high pay for short hours.

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