How Millennials Can Start A Tattoo Studio

Start A Tattoo Studio
How Millennials Can Start A Tattoo Studio

If You Love Tattoos, Tat It Up For Extra Money

If you are a great artist and looking for ideas to make some extra money, millennials can start a tattoo studio after learning the trade as an apprentice.

Most states require licensure for tattoo artists, however, requirements vary by State.

In the old days, only sailors got tattooed.

Now, young girls have taken up this form of personal art.

They are getting tattooed in places that would make you blush.

The best way to learn is to apprentice yourself to an established artist.

Explain you will be setting up your shop a long way from his town and will not steal any of his trade.

This was a dying business for so long that there aren’t too many old-time artists left.

You might have to pay to be trained or work off your tuition with odd jobs around the shop.

Most designs are available on transfers, therefore, you don’t need to be a great artist.

A lot of people get tattooed while drunk, so a shop near busy night clubs is helpful.

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