How Millennials Can Earn More Than $300,000 By Age 55

Millennials Can Earn
How Millennials Can Earn More Than $300,000 By Age 55

You Can Enjoy The Benefits Of Wealth At The Still-Youthful Age Of 55

Yes, it’s possible that millennials can earn through a regular and simple saving plan that regular people can handle without financial hardship.

Deposit $2000 each year in one of the higher yielding growth mutual funds or some similar investment instrument and keep it in!

Suppose you start this plan when you are 25 years of age.

While future interest rates are impossible to predict, we will figure at a a modest 10 percent accrued yield.

At this yield and at the age of 55, you would have accumulated a nest egg of over $300,000!

This principal will draw over $30,000 per year and more in later years if you continue the plan.

If you invest the $2,000 in monthly $167 increments, it will grow even more.

Start a systematic and determined savings plan while you’re young.

You can enjoy the benefits of wealth at the still-youthful age of 55.

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