How To Make Money With Homemade Moon Wine

Homemade Moon Wine
How To Make Homemade Moon Wine

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At present, the federal tax on liquor is approximately $10.50 per wine gallon; and some have proposed doubling the tax, but not on homemade moon wine.

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If they do double the tax on commercial wine, it will make rich men out of anyone who can make homemade wine.

At $21.00 per wine gallon, the price difference between taxed and un-taxed liquor would be so great that moonshine would make a comeback not seen since the 18th Amendment was repealed.

The truth is that wine is very cheap to make.

Most of the cost now is taxes, advertising, fancy packages, etc.

To make good brew, you need a base grain.

You can use corn, potatoes, wheat, rye, barley, apples, or other fruit.

Add sugar, yeast and water!

There are many books on the wine making process and even some on building your own “still”.

Many prefer to build their still out in the country so the odor does not attract attention.

Others build their still next to meat packing houses, tanneries, fertilizer plants, anything that smells bad.

That way, they aren’t noticed.

By making homemade moon wine, sell it by the pint or quart at less than taxed liquor or wine.

Many seem to like moonshine for its kick ass high proof.

Homemade Moon Wine
How To Make Money With Homemade Moon Wine

Others drink it because it is not taxed by the federal government.

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