How Homeless Single Mom Became A Restaurant Entrepreneur

How Homeless Single Mom Became A Restaurant Entrepreneur
How Homeless Single Mom Became A Restaurant Entrepreneur

She’s Had Some Ups And Downs, But More Than This—She’s Doing Her Restaurant Her Way!

Brooke Coleman, once homeless, trying to make ends meet as a pregnant single mother, is celebrated as homeless single mom became a restaurant entrepreneur.

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This once homeless single mom wasn’t hopeless.

She had a dream; and she was determined to achieve it.

Last year, she successfully opened her very own restaurant called Stuffed Enuff in Dayton, Ohio.

And, and her customers have tons of positive feedback!

“I was going through a struggle,” Coleman told local media “One night I looked at my family and decided I was never going to be in that situation again. I knew if I worked hard, I would never have to go back to that shelter.”

Coleman decided to enroll in Sinclair Community College’s culinary arts program.

After receiving the necessary training, she started a small catering operation where she became known as “Chef B”.

After some time, Coleman grabbed the opportunity to open her own restaurant.

It was appropriately named Stuffed Enuff since most items on the menu can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients.

They have stuffed meat, stuffed rolls, as well as stuffed burgers that customers can customize with their choice of stuffing.

Moreover, the restaurant also offers chicken wings with a choice of 8 dips.

Every Sunday, they also feature a Soul Food menu that’s available in an eat-all-you-can buffet or for take-out.

Their patrons particularly liked the variety of excellent food and great customer service.

“I knew I wanted to do something different from what any other restaurant was doing,” Coleman said.

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