105 Homebased Businesses That Don’t Require Specialized Skills

Homebased Businesses
105 Homebased Businesses That Don’t Require Specialized Skills

Money Making Ideas That Really Work To Make Money From Home!

As the cost of living skyrocket, more people are faced with a need to earn more; so here are homebased businesses to boost your income.

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The money making ideas presented here are meant to serve as guidelines to spark your imagination and thinking.

This post will show you 105 ways others have made good earnings by turning their spare time to profit from a homebased business.

What is a homebased business?

A homebased business is any business that can be operated at or from the home without the usual overhead expenses associated with most businesses.

You have no store or office rent to pay, no gas, electric or telephone bills to pay, etc.

The savings are tremendous.

Most of the money you would normally be paying out to someone else in the form of overhead expenses stays in your pocket, adds to your income.

That’s not all.

If you operate a business from your home, a portion of your home expenses may be deducted as a business expense when making out your income tax return.

You could also include a part of your automobile expenses, as well, provided you use your car in the operation of your business.

Whatever your talents and past experience, there are literally dozens of ways for you to earn those extra dollars you need.

We have presented a wide range of homebased businesses so that just about anyone, regardless of age, experience, skill or financial resources will be able to find an idea to  his/her liking and situation.

If you are willing to follow the tested and tried procedure that have worked so well for others, and you have the perseverance to stick with it, then you can succeed.

Homebased Businesses That Don’t Require Specialized Skills

This post offers you 105 ideas for starting your own business or service.

Most of them require very little capital to start and can be operated on a part-time or full-time basis.

Some of the ideas are an extension of a hobby or a work skill that you can turn into cash.

Other money making opportunities are services that you can offer to meed the needs of your customers.

Only your knowledge, skills and abilities should be considered.

You should pick a niche that you know the most about.

1. Children’s Trips And Outings

A good money making idea is to organize day trips with small groups of children. You might take them to museums, the beach, the zoo, to ball games, on hikes, picnics, bicycle rides, to the fire department, etc.

2. Hobby

If you are good at making things with your hands, such as carvings or jewelry, you can turn this into a profitable business by selling the finished items to local stores, etc.

3. Car Washing

A car washing service can be a good year-round profitable business. You can do it at your home or offer a wash-at-home service to your customers. You can develop a steady group of customers.

4. Car Polishing

In addition to washing cars, you can charge a lot more money for waxing cars. Check around your area to find out hat others are charging to determine what you should charge for this service.

5. Attic, Basement And Garage Cleaning

These are three areas that collect both dirt and junk and should be cleaned up periodically. It’s hard physical work and most people would rather hire someone to do the job for them.

6. Old Magazines

Start a collection of magazines from your neighbors, friends and relatives. Then offer these back issue magazines for sale at cut-rate prices. Ideal for garage sales, flea markets, etc.

7. Errands

You have many potential customers for this service, such as businesses, neighbors, senior citizens, etc. You can offer a delivery or pick-up service, do shopping, buy gifts, take care of banking, etc.

8. Dog Grooming

If you like dogs, and dogs like you, this could be a great money making service for you. You would offer to clip, shampoo, and brush and comb dogs for a fee. It would be helpful if you apprenticed with a veterinarian or experienced groomer first.

9. Telephone Dictation

A telephone recording device is a good way for a former secretary to make money at home. By dialing your number any businessman can dictate directly over the phone to the recording device, which you would transcribe later.

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10. Children’s Parties

A party planner for children’s parties can make a lot of money. There are many good books on this subject in your library, covering different part themes, decorations, refreshments, prizes, entertainment, games, etc.

11. Instruction

Teaching and tutoring are profitable sidelines. If there is something you are good at doing. You can teach it. You can give private or group instruction at your home or at some pupil’s home.

12. Ice Skate Swap Shop

Most kids outgrow their ice skates while they are still practically new. Collecting these skates, sharpening them and offering them for sale or rent could start a thriving business. A good companion business is skate sharpening.

13. Merchandise Swap Shop

The idea is to collect general items that people don’t want and sell or trade them at your garage or place of business. If you sell the items you keep half the money and turn over the other half to the original owner.

14. Fishing

If you live anywhere near a good fishing area, you should be able to sell such things as bait, lures, tackle, sinkers, etc. to the fisherman/woman. Raising your own earthworms is not so hard; you can get books on the subject.

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15. Firewood

With the high prices of coal, gas and oil in certain areas for heating purposes, there is a good market for selling firewood. Best source for fallen trees are farmers, home developers, tree removal services, etc.

16. Hair Washing And Hairdressing

If you’re handy with rollers and have a knack with hair, this business is for you. You can provide many other beauty parlor services (wash, rinse, styling, etc.) at the customer’s home or yours.

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17. Manicurist

This money making service is  easy to s tart and requires very little equipment. It’s a natural tie-in with hair grooming ventures. Check the going rates in your area and set your prices accordingly.

18. Shopping Service

You can buy Christmas, Easter, anniversary, birthday and wedding gifts for people, such as shut-ins, businessmen, and  housewives who are too busy or not capable of doing their own shopping.

19. Bookkeeping

There are many small businesses that don’t need or can’t afford to employ a full-time bookkeeper. If you’re trained in this field you can pick up spare time wok from nay stores, garages, factories, etc. If you’re looking to start a tax business or gain support with your new venture, there are a number of professional companies who can help you to get your business off the ground. Whether you require in depth training or basic advice on how to get the ball rolling with your tax clients, there are so many resources available to you when you’re just starting out.

20. Pets

When people go away on trips or vacations they often must leave their pets at home. You can earn money caring for these pets in your home or visiting them daily where they live.

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21. House And Apartment Sitting

Vacationing families usually would like to have someone keep an eye on their empty dwelling, collect the mail, water house plants, lawns and gardens, etc. Small businesses might also want this service.

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22. Door-To-Door Selling

There are literally hundreds of different items and services that you can sell, usually on a commission basis. Check your business library for magazines that specialize in spare time selling opportunities.

23. Telephone Service

There are all sorts of ways to make extra money by using your home telephone during your spare time. One method is a telephone answering service, listing your number for after-hours and holiday calls for businesses or professional people. Phone companies offer call-forwarding services that can assist your customers.

24. Telephone Selling

Many businesses run classified ads looking for  telephone sales people to solicit, leads or call their own customers for a variety of reasons. They use the phone to announce special sales for preferred customers, etc.

25. Baby Sitting

This probably the one spare time job  that is most readily available for teenagers and elderly women. It’s a good idea to have stories or books to read to smaller children and games for the older ones.

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26. Photography

If you’re a fairly good amateur photographer, there are many ways to make money with your camera. To list just a few:  Parties and weddings, new babies, children, family portraits, pets, local events, insurance claims, etc.

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27. Summer Job

Amusement parks, beaches, ocean resorts, etc. because of the seasonal nature of their operations, have a great need for many part-time summer workers. Be sure to apply early, long before the season starts.

28. Golf Caddying

If you have a proficiency in golf, caddying may be a good way to earn extra cash. Check with the golf courses in your area for openings. Of course, it’s a healthful job as it keeps you outdoors most of the time.

29. Typing Manuscripts And Thesis Papers

Many university and college students pay to have their thesis and term papers typed. Another source of work:  Writers and professors who are working on book manuscripts.

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30. Typing For Restaurants

No doubt you’ve patronized a restaurant whose menus have been typed on a stencil and then duplicated. Restaurants employ people to do this work on a part-time basis. Check the telephone directory for potential clients.

31. Typing Statements And Bills

Many businesses and professional people don’t need or can’t afford a full-time person for this vital service. They usually hire part-time help for this. Get in touch with these people and offer your services.

32. Typing Letter Service And Addressing

This is probably the most common home typing service available to you. Insurance agencies, car dealers, furniture stores, just about every type of business make mailings and need envelopes to be addressed.

33. Typing Secretarial

Many small businesses have need for a part-time secretary to type letters and do general office typing. There isn’t enough work for a full-time typist. You can work at home or at their office on an hourly basis.

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34. Ironing

Most women hate the thought of ironing so you can cash in on this needed service. You can do it at home or on the job. You may want to charge by the piece or by the hour, but be sure you charge enough to earn a decent wage.

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35. Teach Tennis

If you’re good a tennis or any sport, you can give private or group lessons. They pay is usually very good and you’ll be doing something that you will enjoy.

36. Teach Cooking

If you’re an unusually good cook, you can hold classes or give individual instruction to pass on your expertise. Classes should be kept small and you’d probably want to work in your own kitchen.

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37. Teach Musical Instruments

You can earn money by giving private lessons in a musical instrument that you can play. Teaching piano or guitar is very popular with both young and elders. Other instruments can be taught, too.

38. Teach Dancing

If you are good at various kinds of dancing, you can turn this expertise into profit. Set up private or group lessons. Check the going rate in your area and set your prices accordingly.

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39. Teach Swimming

If you have a Red Cross swimming instructor’s certification, you can teach individuals or groups at public or private swimming pools. Keep your groups small and be sure you have adequate safety equipment available to you.

40. Art Instruction

If you are capable of teaching art or handicrafts, you can earn money and have fun, too. Watercolor, oil, crayon and pastel are some of the techniques you can teach. Or you can teach sculpturing or any of the handicrafts.

41. Golf Instruction

Most golfers are looking for someone to help them improve their game. If you are good at golf, you can give private lessons on a golf course or driving range. Charge the going rate for your private lessons.

42. Tutoring

Tutoring students in subjects that are giving them trouble in school is an easy way to earn extra cash if you have the expertise. School officials will often be happy to post your name on the bulletin list of available tutors.

43. Handyman

If you’re good at fixing things like small appliances, fences, clogged drains, leaky faucets, etc., then here’s a great way for you to earn lots of spare time bucks. Work up a price list for different repair jobs.

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44. Baking

If everyone is always tell you that you’re a whiz at baking on your YouTube videos, then why not put this talent to work for you? Take orders in advance. Check your local bakery and set your prices accordingly.

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45. Homemade Jams And Jellies

If you grow your own fruits and berries, or can pick wild ones in your area, you can make a lot of money selling homemade jams and jellies. Local stores might also sell your product if you contact them.

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46. Homemade Candy

Another popular selling homemade product is candy. Fudge usually sells well. You can sell your candy door-to-door to friends and neighbors after offering a sample to taste. Try to sign up a group of steady customers.

47. Wall Cleaning

This can be a profitable spare time activity. It requires very little investment or training. You wash the walls and ceilings of homes,  hotels and motels, offices, stores, etc. Charge by the job or by the hour.

48. Window Cleaning

Window washing for homes or businesses is one of the easiest part-time work to get. People hate to clean their own windows. Everyone needs it. A pail, sponges and a wiper are about all you’ll need to start.

49. Glazing

Nearly every old neighborhood has its share of broken windows that need to be repaired. These offer many opportunities for spare time work. If you have the skill to do this work, this could be your road to success.

50. Chauffeuring

The idea is to drive  your customer, with class, to the airport or railroad station in his own car and then return his car to his home. On his return trip  you meet him at his place of arrival and drive him/her home.

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51. Growing And Selling Pets

A number of birds, fish and small animals can be raised and bred at home and then sold for a profit. You will need a pair of good quality breeding stock to get started. Sell pet supplies, too.

52. Catering

For the person who loves to cook, the catering business can be both enjoyable and lucrative. If the idea appeals to you, it would be smart to work for a professional caterer first before you venture out on your own.

53. Sewing

If you are hand with a needle and thread, you can earn extra dollars doing repairs, taking up hems, altering pants, sewing on buttons, and all sorts of mending jobs. Work up a price list for the different sewing services.

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54. House Washing

A little soap and water on the outside of a house and some elbow grease can make it look like it just had a fresh paint job, thus saving the homeowner or Real Estate seller perhaps a thousand dollars or more for a paint job.

55. House Painting

If you’re handy with a brush and paint and can use a ladder, you might consider doing house painting for profit. They pay is good for both outside and inside paint jobs. You can charge by the day or by the job.

56. Painting Small Items

Porches, cribs, lawn furniture, storm windows, kitchen furniture, bicycles, and many other small items around the average home, are often in need of a fresh coat of paint. It could be your opportunity to make money.

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57. Floor Waxing

Many supermarkets and hardware stores will rent floor waxers and all the necessary equipment needed to wax floors. You can make money by offering this service and renting the equipment only when you have a job to do.

58. Rug Cleaning

In addition to waxing floors, you can offer a rug cleaning service. The equipment that you need is also available on a rental basis. Both of these services are excellent year-round businesses that can earn money.

59. Dog Walking

This a much needed service for dog owners who cannot exercise their pets. Most towns require that dogs be on a leash, and not be allowed to roam about free. You can set up a weekly arrangement for your customers.

60. Musician

If you play a musical instrument, you and a few friends can form a combo to play at parties. A good combo with electric guitar, drums and bass fiddle can earn a lot of money in a few evenings work every week.

61. Visiting Shut-Ins

With a little imagination you could set up a visitation service geared to the needs of shut-in people. Daily visits to chat or take care of their needs, such as banking, shopping, cleaning, pet care, etc. can be charged for.

62. Food Service For Shut-Ins

You can set up a sort of catering service where the shut-in could order one or more meals daily or have special dietary meals prepared and brought in. For charges, consult the social service agencies in your area. This food should be better than the average Meals On Wheels.

63. Bird Houses

You might consider making and selling a simple bird house since these are proven money makers with Boy Scout Groups, etc. A good idea is to carry a sample around with you, and take orders with a deposit. And advertise a beautiful array of bird houses on the street corner of your front yard.

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64. Shoot House Pictures

Visit the best residential sections of your town and take pictures of all the houses. Develop these and call back on the homes you photographed. It should be an easy matter to sell many pictures to the homeowners.

65. Color Pictures

Many art schools and adult education schools offer photo coloring courses. This is very profitable work that you can do at home. Your finished product looks like an oil painting.

66. Refinishing Furniture

You will need a good, basic book on furniture refinishing before you start. Then try a few of  your old furniture pieces to perfect your art. Show your best samples to friends and neighbors to find cash customers. Paint old furniture in the old French style if your are an artist, too.

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67. Party Helper

Hire yourself out as a party helper to hostesses in your town for birthday parties, dinner parties, weddings, etc. You can approach both individuals and caterers to find employment. This could be the start of your own catering service.

68. Camp Counselor

Check your library for a list of summer camps in your area. Then write to the owners early in the year (wintertime) giving your qualifications, listing your skills in swimming, tennis, arts and crafts, riding, sailing, etc.

69. Daycare

You would need a back yard and indoor playroom for this venture. If you offer a full day service, you will need to supply lunch and snacks. Your library has books on games and play activities for children.

70. Wake Up Service

Some people have a great deal of trouble waking up on time, usually in the morning. You can s tart a part-time wake up service telephoning your customers for a weekly or monthly fee.

71. Exercise Classes

many people do not have the discipline to do exercises regularly and would prefer to attend a class. This can be a good money making idea for you, but keep your classes small and you should probably not take on any senior citizens.

72. Berries

If you know some areas where there are wild berry bushes, you can turn this knowledge into profit. You can sell these berries that you pick along the road to local stores. Or you can use them for a jam and jelly making business on Etsy.

73. Gardening, Lawn Care

One of the easiest part-time jobs you can find. Try to sign up customers for a weekly lawn care service for cutting, edging and weeding. Check around your area to find out the going rate for you to charge.

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74. Snow Removal

A good tie in business to go with a summer lawn cutting business is the shoveling of snow in the winter. Try to get your customers to buy both services from you. This would give you a year-round income.

75. Life Guard

If you have the necessary Red Cross swimming and life saving certificates, this could be a profitable way for you to earn money. You could also offer private swimming and diving instruction during your off hours.

76. Tending Cottages

You can offer a service for the opening and closing of summer and winter cottages. During the winter, you can offer these same customers a house checking service to protect against vandals and winter storm damage.

77. Babysitter’s Agency

Parents often have difficulty finding a capable babysitter. A good business can be started by recruiting and training a number of young women for this service, at a slightly higher rate, to include a commission for you.

78. Record, CD And Tape Exchange

This merchandise could be sold along with a book exchange business. You can sell them outright or offer them on a rental basis. Put up advertising posters in supermarkets, shopping centers and community bulletin boards. This is a hot seller in Japan.

79. Cleaning Service

This is a job that most women hate to do and would gladly pay to have done. It requires very little skill, and your customer usually supplies your equipment. If you do a good job, your reputation will spread rapidly.

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80. Pool Maintenance

Visit all the swimming pool owners in your area and try to sign them up for a full season of servicing at regular intervals. You can learn the business by working for one of the professional companies for a few weeks.

81. Pony Rides

You would have to rent your pony from local stables, or work out a partnership arrangement. Children’s parties, school fairs, church outings, picnic grounds, schoolyards, etc. are great places to make money with pony rides.

82. Sight Seeing Guide

If you live in an area of historical fame or one that has some tourist attraction, you can set up your own guide service for individuals or groups. You can provide your own transportation or ride in your customer’s car.

83. Laundry Service

Many bachelors, working people and even  housewives hate to do laundry. If you have a washer and dryer available you can sell this service to them. Try to locate a group of steady weekly customers.

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84. Mail Order

Selling by mail can be a good way to make money in your spare time. Good leads can be found in magazines like Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Money Making Opportunities, Specialty Salesman, etc.

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85. Candles

The basic how-to-do-it instructions are available in most hobby shops or craft stores. All you need are a few molds, some coloring, wicks and some scents. The basic raw material, such wax is very cheap and is sold in bulk.

86. Magazines And Newspapers

Thousands of people are earning weekly cash income selling newspapers and magazines to their friends, relatives and neighbors.

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87. Representative

Many businesses in your area, such as insurance agents, mutual fund companies, Real Estate agents, etc. need leads and are willing to pay handsomely for these. You should agree on a commission to be paid for every lead. Get Your Website and make money selling leads.

88. Rake Leaves

This a money making business you can start and operate with practically no investment at all. Most homeowners dislike this annual chore and are willing to pay someone to do the job for them. Charge by the hour or by the job.

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89. Party Planning

Many companies specialize in party plan selling programs. This is when a group of women get together at the home of one of them so that you can demonstrate products that they may want to buy. A party atmosphere with prizes, games, etc. prevails.

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90. Sweep Sidewalks

You should solicit the store keepers in your area to provide a weekly sidewalk sweeping service for them. Later on, you can add other services, such as window washing, floor waxing and inside cleaning.

91. Mushrooms

It can be done at home, in your basement or garage. Many books on the subject are available or write for free government information. Write to:  Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO 81009.

92. Fresh Eggs

If there are some chicken and egg farms in your area, you can approach them on starting a egg route. You would deliver farm-fresh eggs on a regular basis to your friends, relatives and neighbors.

93. Bicycle Repair

This a service that is easy to learn and requires very little equipment to get started. Most bicycle manufacturers and sporting goods stores offer repair manuals at nominal cost.

94. Used Car Dealer

Most car dealers, due to space limitations, store and display cars outside. It’s a constant problem to keep them clean and polished. You can offer to perform this service on a regular basis.

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95. Advertising Circulars

You can do it cheaper than the post office and still make a handsome profit. Offer this service to storekeepers and other businesses. Deliver a few different circulars at one time for maximum earnings.

96. Income Tax Returns

If you’re good at arithmetic, income tax preparation can be very profitable for you. Many high school and adult education programs offer the necessary courses and training. Also, check with Internal Revenue Service for helpful, free publications.

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97. Market Research Interviewer

Market research companies and polling organizations need interviewers to conduct their surveys. You can find a list of these organizations in your business library. Write to them and offer your services.

98. Calligraphy

Many people hire calligraphers to hand address invitations for their weddings, anniversaries and other parties. Calligraphy or the fine art of script handing is often taught in adult education classes.

99. Magic

If you’re good at performing magic tricks, then you can turn this ability into cash by performing at children’s parties, school fairs, church outings, etc. A good tie-in is to take and sell instant pictures involving kids.

100. Lettering And Sign Painting

A month or two learning this skill can reward you handsomely. This is a much needed service in most areas of the country. Once you’ve attained a flair for lettering, most every group and business is a potential customer.

101. Santa Pictures

At Christmas time you have a wonderful opportunity to make money by taking photos of children sitting on Santa’s lap in shopping centers, etc. You need a jovial friend or partner to play Santa and an instant color camera.

102. Interior Decorating

If you have a flair for home furnishing and interior decoration, you can have a lucrative business by offering this  service to others. Many adult education programs offer courses in this field for those who would like to do it.

103. Microfilming

Many business firms, such as banks, libraries, etc. do not own their own microfilming equipment and would be willing to buy this service to avoid losing everything on “cloud” servers. If you are interested in the type of work, you can easily learn the technique and even  rent the equipment.

104. Dog Houses

If you’re handy with carpenter tools, this can be a very profitable business for you. Plans for many different dog houses can usually be found in lumberyards, and DIY stores. You operate alone or work through pet stores. Some dog houses are elegant, small cottages. Look on Pinterest for design ideas for your potential customers.

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105. Checking Up On Shut-Ins And Elderly

Many people in your area are confined to their homes due to age or ill health. You can offer a daily telephone check at specified times for a fee to see that the shut-ins and elderly are all right.

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