Find A Homebased Business The IRS Want You To Have

Find A Homebased Business The IRS Want You To Have
Find A Homebased Business The IRS Want You To Have

IRS Refund Money For Certain Businesses You Can Do From Home

Not only is there a homebased business the IRS want you to have for refunds; companies pay good money for direct sales work you can do from your home.

If you need money, you can make good cash working for any nationwide company that is looking for housewives, students, retirees, and other people who want to earn a full-time income.

For example, more and more people are doing their shopping by buying from direct sales.

Men and women who sell all sorts of quality merchandise online, through social media, Facebook and Google ads, etc., and who give customers professional and personalized customer service.

As a result, direct sales are booming!

The opportunities awaiting you in direct selling range from selling cosmetics to demonstrating housewares through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos and selling business products to companies.

You usually get paid on a straight commission basis, which is generally from 33 to 50 percent.

Starting your own homebased business by selling for a company that the IRS favor could have the IRS refunding all of your business expenses at the end of year.

Instead of paying the IRS, the IRS will refund the money you spend on expenses such as travel, mileage, gas, your children working for you, uniforms, office space, tools of the trade equipment, office equipment and supplies, automobile, etc.

Don’t take my word for it.

What I am telling you about the IRS is written in the IRS Tax Code, so read it for yourself.

Besides, I have social proof that it works because I started and ran two very successful and profitable businesses by following the IRS’ advice.

That being said, you can select any one or more of opportunities out there to start a homebased business by getting a business license as sole proprietor.

Since I have started many homebased businesses, I recommend that you state on your business license you will be doing “administrative work” for your business (if working from home), since you are not allowed to have normal business traffic.

Then, when it’s time to file your business taxes with all of the receipts for expenses you have kept and organized, you will be pleasantly surprised at a tax gain and not a tax loss.

In more simple terms because I am not a tax expert, you can use your business expenses the way homeowners use their mortgagee interest to lower their tax obligation.

Getting Started With A Homebased Business The IRS Want You To Have

There are hundreds of direct sales companies using direct salespeople.

And, they sell a vast range of products such as, cosmetics, vitamins, household necessities, photograph albums, clothing, business printing, chemical specialties, gardening supplies, etc.

There is literally something for everyone who wants to start a homebased business as a “consultant”, which sounds a little better than direct sales.

Moreover, almost every firm has well-prepared professional instructions and literature to guide you to success.

Direct Sales Firms To Contact

The following sample companies are all members of the Direct Selling Association, and offer opportunities in direct selling.

Following each company listing is the main method used to do the selling, and the type of merchandise involved.

Alfa Metalcraft Corp. of America, party plan, cookware.

Amway Corp., Person-to-person, auto care and homeware products.

Avon, online, cosmetics, clothes, etc.

Body Wise, online, nutrition, weight loss.

There are hundreds of such businesses, but you have to do the research to find the one’s the IRS want you to have.